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The Things You’ll Notice

The Things You’ll Notice

The Things You'll Notice

Usually, we use this space to tell u a little smth about the beauty. Maybe give her the chance to tell you something about herself, too. But not this time. We have some observations to make, and we think u should hear them.

Observation No. 1: Aaliyah has a very pink pussy.

Observation No. 2: Her butthole resembles it has been screwed a lot.

Observation No. 3: She is very valuable with a fake penis. Notice in the latter shots how nicely that babe receives it up her hole and plays with it.

Observation No. 4: That babe looks love this babe shags a lot.

Perhaps now you can understand why we do not crave to hear what Aaliyah has to say. This is how we feel. And we do not need her to fuck up our fantasy.

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