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Simone – Simone’s Treasure Trail

Simone’s Treasure Trail

Simone's Treasure Trail

“I’ve been growing out my bush for three months,” Simone said us. “My fiancée told me that that Lothario wanted to see me with pubes. At first I was thinking I would grow out a little undress or smth, but that Lothario appeared to be frustrated by it. I couldn’t understand why that smooth operator did not seem to enjoy tongueing me or fingering me. Then I was, well, I was snooping around on his computer. I discovered his porn stash and it was filled with fotos of colossal screwing bushes. I decided to just let my hair go. As it grew longer, he seemed happier.”

“It’s taken a lengthy time to receive used to having full belts! I am sure you have noticed that my pubes have started to…crawl a little bit. It goes up to my navel. I have got a little bit of an obsession with midriff-baring shirts. For the first month or 2 of having visible hair, I would not wear anything that in nature’s garb it. Then, as I got more and more comfortable with having such a large bush and my boyfriend got happier and hornier around me, I just realized that I didn’t care what other people thought. It is joy to challenge people’s expectations. I catch boyz staring at my belly hair when they watch it in public. Some look disgusted, but others get that really turned-on look on their faces. It’s valuable to see.”

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