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Scarlet Andrews – The Scarlet Andrews Interview

The Scarlet Andrews Interview

The Scarlet Andrews Interview

Having made the photo mouthing and rogering version of her launch, hawt 65-year-old Scarlet Andrews sits down for an interview and tells all. Scarlet is wearing a red costume that babe calls her Marilyn Monroe costume, although Marilyn’s was white, and Marilyn was wearing briefs. Scarlet isn’t, which is one of the reasons we say her husband, who accompanied her to our studio and watched her fuck a 21-year-old stranger, is a very lucky stud.

“He loves the fact that I can be a little on the wild side but still play the Southern belle,” this babe says.

Those days, Scarlet is living in Tampa, Florida, but this babe was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, a place where the chicks are very conservative and don’t generally walk around out of straps.

“Alabama was just also rock hard, so I went to high-school and came without college and became a flight attendant,” Scarlet says.

And that is when the interview heats up. Scarlet has lots of sexy stories about being a flight attendant, and when u hear ’em, you won’t be surprised that this babe came to our studio and banged a lad who’s 44 years younger than her.

Indeed, after you see this interview, nothing Scarlet does will surprise u.

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