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Sasha Martin – For you guys, too!

For you studs, too!

For u boyz, also!

“Because of our work schedules, my boy and I can’t acquire together as often as we’d like to,” Sasha said. “He was on at me about having obscene photos so this chab could stroke to them in sofa and, lastly, I agreed to pose for him. I was a bit surprised when the posing got me lustful, and I had to call it quits for a while so we could have a quickie. Later, this chab suggested that I send the pics to you chaps. That fellow showed me a couple of your magazine issues and your web page, and that convinced me that I’d definitely make the cut. I know I am pretty enough to be on NaughtyMag. So here they are for my smooth operator and all of you other males, too. I hope you have joy!”

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