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Olivia Austin

Olivia Austin Olivia Austin
Olivia Austin @
Olivia Austin is a true Cuckoldress. Just watch her! She marches in from a day using her man’s credit card to fulfill her desires, only to detect this chab is brought up a bottle of the wine that babe doesn’t adore! Cant he do everything right?! Of course this skirt chaser can, starting with a foot rubdown. Walking long hours in the mall with amorous heels can take their toll on any gal, and Cuckboi sure does a great job making them feel more valuable! So much so, this babe is gonna tag "CUCKBOI" across his chest right in advance of Cuckboi does what that gent does best: locate Bulls for his ravishing wife. 2 are on the way, and when they arrive, Cuckboi is at the door to unveil ’em into his bedroom. It’s on their marital ottoman in which both Bulls have their way with Olivia, rogering her all the ways Cuckboi can’t. Don’t believe it? View the mess both leave on fetching Olivia! Who’s plan to clean it all? Do we truly get to answer that?
Olivia Austin Olivia Austin

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