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Nadia Jay

Nadia Jay Nadia Jay
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Nadia Jay runs a intimate night club. This is the sort of place that one can discover all sorts of vices anyway drinking. Nadia’s club offers it all, from gambling to angels, and her staff’s been doing a great job selling it all. She’s even been talking bonuses, but, for some reason, Nadia’s been all talk and no action…until today. A dunky in number hours previous to the shift, Nadia has an employee rencounter that turns into smth she’ll at not time forget. What begins off as a commonplace "rah rah let’s go acquire Them!" speech turns into a 5-man gang group action in which Nadia acquires railed. After the men take turns on her sweet throat and warm, soaked cunt, it’s time for ’em to drop loads. Nadia takes a triple spunk pie in advance of a double gulp! What then? Time to open the lap dancing club, certainly!
Nadia Jay Nadia Jay
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