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Monique Symone

Monique Symone Monique Symone
Monique Symone @
Monique and her Hubby-to-Be just moved into their fresh home. It’s sort of a "fix-up", as the back yard and pool are a mess. With her fellow gone, Monique arranges for a pool charmer to swing by and give an estimate on repairs. What Monique doesn’t tell Pool Smooth operator is that babe is addicted to white knob, and she’s worried. In a short time, she’ll be married, and whilst that is all well and fine, how is she intend to cure her need for white pecker? For Monique, this will be a "final farewell" to white rod…but something tells me, when this is all said and done, that Monique will end up adore majority women end up — as cheaters.
Monique Symone Monique Symone
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