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Misty Stone

Misty Stone Misty Stone
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Misty Stone has tons of friends. A lot. So when one friend puts some other friend in touch with Misty, it’s no thing out of the normal. This day, that babe took a rencounter with a friend-of-a-friend named Dean, who has a business proposition for her. No, it is not a marijuana dispensary or a real estate gig…Dean needs citizenship, so he’s here with a marriage proposal — and $20,000. Here’s the thing: Misty doesn’t roll with breakin’ the law; however, she rolls with white males! So why not give him a test run…you know…as a "husband"…to see what Dean is packing? First — and almost all important for Misty — is twat eatin’ skills, and yes! Dean has the skills to pay the bills. His meat-thermometer works great, also! Misty can’t live without loves loves white meat, and that babe devours anything Dean serves up! That includes his white-boy load, which Dean shoots directly into her insane mouth! She swallows it all down previous to declining Dean’s generous offer! But don’t you know she’ll have him back for some other round of engulfing and banging!!
Misty Stone Misty Stone
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