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Lilly Ford

Lilly Ford Lilly Ford
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High stakes poker played in private, high-end homes. It’s a very real thing, and this game started almost 12 hours agone. It’s 9am, one of the players is about to go bust, and their dealer — Lilly Ford — hasn’t been pro to stop thinking about what these 2 chaps look like nude since she started dealing card to ’em the night previous to. Lilly’s decided that babe is gonna reward the winner, as well as the loser, the second the bucks put down their cards. And that is exactly what that babe did. As she was dealing cards, Lilly imagined one as well as the other fellows were well-hung, and sure enough, when one as well as the other jocks sprung out from the pants, she could not make no doubt of her eyes! She’d not at any time seen anything adore ’em! Her throat got rammed full of over-sized shlong 1st, then her dunky, tight love tunnel. Lilly wasn’t even sure that babe could take them…but she did. The winner of the poker game filled Lilly’s womb with an enormous amount of semen; the loser gotta spray down Lilly’s captivating face. In other words, no one lost this card game!!
Lilly Ford Lilly Ford
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