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Kitchen Cutie

Kitchen Beauty

Kitchen Cutie

We asked rookie Karissa to tell us about her top six turn-ons. This is what she said:

“1. A unyielding 10-Pounder on the right person. No thing beats a hot Lothario ready to go!

2. Getting my nipples sucked. They adore attention.

3. Being observed as I strip. I am a total exhibitionist.

4. Feeling a dick crammed up against the crack of my butt. That drives me nuts!

5. Hair pulling. Not also rough, but just enough that it controls me a little is completely hawt.

6. Cumming in a guy’s throat! Just thinking about it makes my cunny moisten up.”

When was the final time you had sex?

“Two days agone, with a schoolmate of mine. We were sat around after class, watching television and ignoring the project we were supposed to be working on. This smooth operator started feeling up my meatballs beneath my blouse and within minutes I was naked and straddling his rod.”

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