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Karmen Karma

Karmen Karma Karmen Karma
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You’re about to witness a very special Cuckold Session. Legendary cuckboi Fluffy has lots of cash, so when this man is single, this chab instructs up cuckold sessions adore u and I command up a pizza. Today that charmer is greatly randy, as Karmen Karma has assented to run Fluffy through the wringer! The "sesh" starts after Karmen enters his home and asks, "why did you cancel on me yesterday?" The truth? When that man was flying back home, airport security identified his chsity device! No fib! This amuses Karmen to no end! After treating Fluffy love her personal pet, Karmen’s Staff enters! These boyz are stone cold fuck machines, and Fluffy’s a bit unnerved. They’re strangers in his home! Will they steal from him? As Fluffy asks some basic questions, Karmen stuffs a ball gag in his face hole! No more talking for fluffy! And then, her Staff makes Karmen "Air Tight". After unleashing massive loads all over Karmen’s fetching D-cups, the gag is removed for Fluffy’s final humiliation of the day — clean up duty!
Karmen Karma Karmen Karma

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