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Kali Karinena – Kali gives up her ass to a 24-year-old

Kali gives up her a-hole to a 24-year-old

Kali gives up her ass to a 24-year-old

Ivan is in a predicament. This dude knows he’s in serious shit. That gent mistakenly sent an email to his boss that was meant for someone else, and you know how it is with that SEND button…there’s just no turning back. But this petticoat chaser figures that maybe, just maybe, this chab can acquire without this jam. He tells the company’s office assistant, Kali Karinena, what happened.

“I have to go in his office,” Ivan says.

“You cant go in there,” Kali says, “but I’ve access to his email account, so come around.”

Ivan is embarassed, and for worthwhile reason. That email this chab sent? It’s a cock pic. But when Kali sees the photo, that babe thinks Ivan has no reason to be ashamed.

“Ivan, is this u?” that babe says.

“Yes,” Ivan says.

“Oh my goodness, I not at any time knew this about u,” Kali says, clearly intrigued. “I think we can do something about it.”

As she’s saying this, that babe is fondelling his package, and Ivan is getting even more flustered. So they enter the boss’s office–he’s not there–and Kali takes matters into her own hands. And her own face hole. And her own snatch. And her own anus, too.

Yes, 24-year-old Ivan screws 44-year-old Kali’s arse on the daybed in the boss’s office. Then this buck cums in her mouth.

You know, in general, sending meat-thermometer pix is a bad idea. But in this case, it worked out just priceless for Ivan.

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