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Jenny Smith – Coppertop Cunny

Coppertop Cunny

Coppertop Cunny

Age: 22 Born: Apr. 12; Ht: 5’4″ Wt: 105 lbs. Bras: 32D;
Panties: Lace; Anal: Not a fan; BJs: Drink;
Lives: York, UK; Occupation: Fashion glamour model.

Jenny has posed topless for numerous raiment lines and small-time artists, but she is not at any time widen her pussy on-camera in advance of. That babe chose our mag Newcummers to pop her porno cherry. “First of all, I like your mag. A photographer friend of mine had an issue from, adore, 2007 or something in his bath. I would flip throughout it whilst he was exposing his negatives. I am not ashamed to tell u that I have masturbated more than one time during the time that flipping through your pages. I especially love the hardcore stuff that you dudes do. I would at not time do that, myself. I am also chicken for that. Plus, I’m comfortable with people I know seeing me undressed, but I’d be so embarrassed if anybody I know saw me shagging!”

“After this, I am finished. This is fun and all, but I am more into new experiences. I mean, now that I have done it, there’s not much of anything else to do. I am not plan to shag on-camera. So where does that leave me? I don’t need the money. I am just doing this for the adventure of it.”

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