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Jennifer White

Jennifer White Jennifer White
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Nicky’s a fortunate lady-killer. Just ask Isiah Maxwell. They’re buddies, and Nicky’s just got done telling Isiah a insane story about his wife, Jennifer White. They’re were out clubbing the night previous to, and the next thing you know, Jennifer’s flirting on the dancefloor, grabbing and grinding on rod. Pretty soon, she is in the parking lot, mouthing off strangers as Partner watches with approval. Isiah cant make no doubt of his ears, but he’ll be a believer pretty soon sufficient. This lady-killer meets Jennifer in the kitchen, and within minutes this babe is clothed in lingerie and on her knees in the front room. Nicky watches it all go down, from Jennifer’s superb oral skills to Isiah stretching out both her holes. This babe even cleans Isiah’s 10-Pounder right after it comes with out her constricted, constricted ass! Isiah then fills her white snatch full of his ball batter, and that is when Boyfriend awards his gratified wife! What a relationship!!
Jennifer White Jennifer White

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