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Jena – Raising Poles!

Raising Poles!

Raising Poles!

Jena is a 39-year-old ravisher from Poland. She’s 5’4″ tall, weighs approximately 125 lbs. and she wears a C-cup bra. That babe is happily married, but her husband understands that she’s got a higher than archetypical libido, and that’s why he let her send in some awesome content to us. “I got a late kick off sexually,” Jena told us. “I did not lose my virginity until I was Twenty one. My first time was with my boyfriend at the time. We were camping, and we had sex in the tent by the lake. I was addicted just now. Now I’m not pleased unless I’ve sex at least one time a day.”

Here are some more facts about Jena for you. Her prefered position is missionary position ‘cuz she likes wrapping her legs around her partners whilst looking them in the eyes. This babe masturbates, but that babe always prefers a large jock. This babe loves anal play, but usually solely as foreplay. She will suck and swallow, but she likes getting creampies even more. We have got some more pictures and videos in the editing room, so stay tuned for more from Jena.

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