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Jayden Starr

Jayden Starr Jayden Starr
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Jayden is on her first day of internship as a runner for a late night TV display. Theyve assigned her to oversee a popular rock band and she has no idea what shes doing. When that babe goes to check in on ’em and introduce herself before their set, she interrupts an important meditation session. The frontman, Slight Hands, informs her that his spiritual guru is essential to his spectacle and to come back later. White people are so screwing unconventional this babe thinks and when this babe returns hes all alone. Determined not to be fired, that babe searches for any indication of what shes supposed to do. Seemingly dismissive of her, that gent adjusts his package and this babe takes that as a sign that buck wants a oral-job. This was not in the training manual, but hes a rockstar, and u got to keep your stars glad, right? Right? The innocent irrumation turns into a powerful anal pounding and after blowing deep in her ass, that skirt chaser runs off to sound check and says that babe is on her way to becoming legendary around here. This chab sees his handlers and bandmates in the hall and merely manages to receive 3 words out Fun bags. Go. Now! With her booty still leaking cum that babe unzips their pants and drains their pre-show jitters all over her face proving that Jayden Star is as rock n roll as they receive.
Jayden Starr Jayden Starr
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