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Jada Stevens

Jada Stevens Jada Stevens
Jada Stevens @
Degenerate gambler Jesse owns a bar, and this charmer is about to receive shaken down for the cash he owes The Ladies man. His girlfriend Jada is his barkeep, so this babe receives to deal with the Hired Guns — Sean Michaels and his understudy Isiah Maxwell — when they 1st walk into Jesse’s joint. They’re here for the 30 Larger than typical, and they’re going to do whatsoever it takes to acquire it. Jesse’s about to get rogered up in a bad way when Jada comes to his rescue. At Jesse’s request, Jada will offer up her mouth and white slit to the boys before that babe swallows one as well as the other of their over sized loads. But do not think that is going to receive Jesse off the hook…you know they’ll be back, and you know they’ll acquire one more smack of Jada Stevens…which doesn’t a predicament her one bit!

Jada Stevens Jada Stevens

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