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Getting to know Taylor Leigh

Getting to know Taylor Leigh

Getting to know Taylor Leigh

Now it’s time to must know Taylor Leigh, a 45-year-old wife and Mamma from St. Louis. Taylor is a swinger who has banged lots of people but had at not time posed bare or drilled on-camera until this babe came here. This day, Taylor talks smutty and gives us a oral simulation. Then that babe tells us about herself. And then this babe fingers herself in the garden. All in one episode!

One of our sharp-eyed model scouts discovered this golden-haired looker and got in touch with her. Taylor started doing some research on the Internet and liked what she saw.

“I was blown away by the opportunity,” that babe said. “I figured, ‘Don’t initiate diminutive. Just go large.’ So, not at all done it before, nervous, wondering if I’m supposed to know smth, but being in the married couples community, I have met pornstars, and they’re just love everyone else, so I can not say I did not have any exposure.”

About those nerves: Taylor was put at ease by our adult model coordinator, who strolled her throughout the process and answered all of her questions.

“I like to think I have had a lot of practice,” she told. “Now I am doing it, and I don’t think I would’ve had this fine of an experience anywhere else.”

We can guarantee that.

“It’s been a dream of mine,” she said. “I’m married and it’s smth one as well as the other of us discussed.”

And now she is doing it. Taylor hopes you enjoy her 1st movie, and if u do, let her know about it.

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