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Emily Jane – Schoolgirl Cums

Schoolgirl Cums

Schoolgirl Cums

Emily, that is a very sexy clothing u have on.
“This mature thing? The petticoat is from when I went to an all-girl’s private school. My hubby loves it when I wear it with nylons. He is so into the entire schoolgirl fetish. I do not indeed acquire it, but I do it ’cause this chap can’t live without it. Whenever I suit up for him this chab bows me over and spanks me and eats me out forever.”

Wow, you’ve some succulent cunt lips, Emily!
“Yeah, they stick out a lot. My spouse likes ’em. When we have sex he’s always looking down at my lips wrapped around his cock. Sometimes when we’re hanging out he’ll play with my cum-hole for a lengthy time. He will not even lick it or finger it–although it usually ends with that–he just admires it. I adore that he gives my snatch so much attention. He is in his forties, so I think that is something bucks get with age? ‘Cause no lad my age has ever worshipped my cunt the way that buck does.”

Does he make u cum?
“Before him I’d not at any time had an greater than standard O previous to. So not solely does that charmer make me cum, this chab taught me how to cum. Now I’m an orgasm addict.”

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