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Casey Calvert

Casey Calvert Casey Calvert
Casey Calvert @
Casey has a dead-beat boyfriend with a broken leg. Shes drowning in their bills whilst hes off not making any cash. After the electric company threatens to turn off her power -again- she manages to sway ’em into giving her one last extension. She has until the end of the week to somehow bring her bank account from $20 to $400 if this babe craves to keep the lights on. Lucky for her, one of her neighbors happens to know a boy who can acquire her specie, and fast. He has clients who need girlfriends from time to time. Desperate, she acquiesces. Her neighbor invites her in for a more private collision. This chab wants to know if shes with it. Casey is in a short time being test driven by 6 BBCs, going airtight as all 3 holes are stuffed at once. Its a job interview unlike any shes had previous to. As this babe walks out drenched in cum, they assure her that theyll be in touch.
Casey Calvert Casey Calvert
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