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Carolina Sweets

Carolina Sweets Carolina Sweets
Carolina Sweets @
Carolina Sweets has a pair problems. 1st is her "man", Timmy. This fellow is indeed not a stud if his meat-thermometer is tiny and he is a "two-pump chump", right? Carolina’s second problem is her obsession with her father’s best friend. Carolina can’t avoid thinking about him! He’s a Darksome Bull who’s dominated her dreams, and he’s on his way over to play golf with her daddy! What Carolina isn’t telling him is Dad’s on a last-minute business tour! This means Carolina’s got a discharged at him! The slight little snow bunny does her best to tempt him, and sure enough…once the promises are made, Carolina finds herself on her knees and her batty face hole stuffed with black meat! And view the way Carolina’s eyes roll into the back of her heads when she is so "stretched"! It doesn’t matter "Little Timmy" blows her phone up during the time that she’s rogering her Bull! She’ll even do as the Bull dictates and break up with Timmy right in the middle of their bonk session! "Now swallow my load!" The Bull commands. "But I do not swallow!" Uh huh. Sure u do not, Sexually excited! Looks like Carolina’s got a recent boyfriend…one who’s older, wiser, controlling…and well hung!
Carolina Sweets Carolina Sweets
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