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Cammille Austin – Wife, mom, grandmother…ass-fucked by two guys!

Wife, Mamma, grandmother…ass-fucked by two fellows!

Wife, Mother, grandmother...ass-fucked by two boyz!

“I’m from Arkansas, and it’s a very conservative area,” 57-year-old Cammille Austin told. “I guess we’re classified as the Bible Strap. It is a tiny community, so if people at home saw me here, they would be shocked. Very shocked.”

They’d be especially shocked if they saw this wife, Mom and grandmother getting ass-fucked by two juvenile boys.

“It was better than I ever imagined,” Cammille told after she’d wiped the cum off her face.

As we’ve mentioned, Cammille is married and screws other boyz, but that babe and her husband are not married couples.

“The rule at our house is that this gent shares me, but I do not share him. He’s totally supportive of it. He loves that I am doing this. That guy can’t live without to observe, and adore I have said, it makes our sex so much more captivating, also. I by no means go out and just pick up strangers. We have made a few admirable friends and traveled to Philadelphia and met up with allies there. In fact, on our wedding night, I had sex with eight fellows. That was my wedding present!”

Talk about an after party!

“It kind of looked like what I’m doing here…but with more boys!

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