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Brandi Fox – Sweet Gullible Brandi

Lovely Gullible Brandi

Sweet Gullible Brandi

Ah, Brandi, some other delightsome HORNY HOUSEWIFE. You adore ’em and we love ’em. Especially when they’re as precious as Brandi. Admirable and gullible. Watch, Brandi wishes to be a fashion glamour model for tiny boutique stores around where this babe lives. We know all this cuz the photographer, Richard Fowler, told us. U can always count on a scammer for a good story.

“Hello, NaughtyMag editors. I have been a longtime member of your website and have purchased more than a few of your magazines. If somebody can appreciate what I am doing, it is u. A photographer by trade, I’ve been posting ads pursuing models for local small-business trade magazines. The girls I receive are nice, but they at no time have experience. After a not many troublesome “test-shots”, they quickly realize they aren’t up to snuff, but without the goodness of my heart I’ll take some modeling shots so they can build a portfolio of work. We’re the one and the other already there and the digital camera is warmed up, right? You would not make no doubt of how many of these hotty’s fall for it. Enclosed in my email you’ll find a tiny in number snaps of a lady named Brandi. I would be honored if you’d run her for HORNY HOUSEWIFE Monday. Yours actually, Rich Fowler.”

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