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Bellah Dahl

Bellah Dahl Bellah Dahl
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Things are tough all over. Take Bella Dahl’s dunky business. She inherited the garage from her father, and it’s been a way tougher gig than Bellah ever imagined. In fact, it’s gotten so bad that babe cant even make payroll this week! Her mechanics aren’t likewise thrilled, and they desire to know how she’s gonna make it up to them. Extra time off? More holiday bonus specie? Shit…she cant even make payroll! How is she gonna pay a bonus?!? That leaves her constricted, ebon vagina and moist, warm face hole in command to fend off the fellahs until that babe can come up with the cash that babe owes. The mechanics are going to plough Bellah, 1st bending her over the king-size toolbox previous to railing her on the auto lift! Then, it’s time to spray down her face, even with her glasses on! There’s so much cream, Bellah has to clean them up previous to she can see afresh!
Bellah Dahl Bellah Dahl
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