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Anny Aurora

Anny Aurora Anny Aurora
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Anny Aurora is a happily married female, but as any married person will tell u, sometimes things grow a bit "stale"…for lack of a more astonishing word. So when a hunk of a woman chaser strolled into Anny’s office to commence working there, Anny just about lost her mind! It didn’t take also lengthy for Anny to flirt, and you know where that leads! Right to Anny’s marital sofa, which hasn’t viewed much act in a while. That is, until this babe pulled her new "fuck buddy" into that ottoman! Did we mention her shag buddy is a strapping darksome ladies man with an over-sized pecker? Or that Anny’s about to perform sex acts on him that that babe never performs on "the hubs"? Serious 10-Pounder sucking. Butt eating. Rimming. A2m. Anny not at any time does those sort of naughty acts with the man she’s married to, but her copulate buddy is gonna receive it all! Oh, and guess what? Anny and Partner are trying to have a baby, so the bonk buddy more mind boggling not man-juice pie her! Especially when Anny’s ovulating!!
Anny Aurora Anny Aurora
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