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Anna Bell Peaks

Anna Bell Peaks Anna Bell Peaks
Anna Bell Peaks @
Shane and Ana Bell have come to an agreement. It is time to tell Ana Bell’s Husband (who also happens to be allies with Shane) that they’re shag buddies. They’re not sure how Hubby is gonna take it. Will that man be made water? Will there be a fist fight? Will this buck file for divorce? They’ve decided to do the right thing and tell Partner right to his face, but 1st they’re intend to shag. Really, it would have been the right thing to do…if Spouse didn’t come home from work a couple hours early. Ana Bell is freaked out until Spouse makes his confession: that lady-killer is had a gut feeling they’ve been rogering. After all, Boyfriend sees how they behave when they go out as a group: holding hands and flirting and kiss-on-the-mouth goodbyes. It turns Partner on, and that smooth operator doesn’t urge to fight or get a divorce; he just wishes to view ’em acquire it on during the time that that petticoat chaser jerks his little white dinky. Ana Bell’s reply? "Oh sweetheart, I adore you!"

Anna Bell Peaks Anna Bell Peaks

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