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Angelique DuBois – What a 60PlusMILF wants

What a 60PlusMILF urges

What a 60PlusMILF wants

Angelique DuBois is not the kind of dominant-bitch who makes a ladies man wait for what that gent desires. That’s ‘cuz what that babe wants is what he wants: sex! She told us the story of a buck she’d met for the first time.”He had me blindfold myself, and I was on my knees on the floor and spreading for him,” Angelique told. “We had the finest sex, and I had yet to see his face!”
From this, are we to assume that Angelique doesn’t care what a boy bears a resemblance to as long as this chab can satisfy her in couch?
“I guess you could say that,” said 61-year-old Angelique. “I am attracted to a man’s essence and raunchy aura. This is immediate for me and must be present from the starting.”
In other words, don’t try to wine and dine Angelique, who’s single and has three children and one grandchild. If she wants u, you’ll know it right away. “I am tractable, so I like fetishes that involve a dominant buck who controls me,” this babe told. In this scene, Angelique is a school principal who screws one of the teachers. Is that the kind of thing she’d do?
“I’ve at not time been a teacher, but why not?” this babe told. “I’ll do everything once.”
Or twice. This is her second movie scene at

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