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Amber’s kitchen tools

Amber’s kitchen tools

Amber's kitchen tools

In the photo version of this scene, 43-year-old Amber Dawn displays what a housewife from the San Francisco Bay Area does when that babe has some alone time in the kitchen: This babe bonks herself with a fake penis.

In the movie scene version, sexy, curvy, red-haired Amber Dawn is wearing an apron over her bathing dress and very short shorts, so short that her wazoo cheeks are on flaunt.

“What are u doing?” this babe says to u. “Young skirt chaser, did you clean up your room? You’re just gonna stand there and view me? I mean, you’re cute and you’ve a very wonderful body. If that room isn’t up to my standards, I’m going to have to reveal you who’s in charge here.”

Show us, Amber Dawn!

This babe leads you up to your room. It is a mess. She’s not cheerful, and then she sees a bra.

“Are you bringing angels back here?” she says. “This is unacceptable. I’m very frustrated in u. What are we plan to do with u?”

She looks under the bed.

“Is that what I guess it’s? Are those little wads of Kleenex? Have u been stealing my lotion and using that to toss off?”

She looks beneath the pillow.

“Are these my briefs? Have u been sniffing my knickers and playing with yourself? This is not how a young woman chaser behaves.”

Well, yeah, it is.

And now we’re intend to watch how an old woman behaves.

“Let’s see what you have been hiding below those pants. Need a little inspiration, do not u?”

Amber Dawn provides all the inspiration we need, telling us how to jack our jocks and providing plenty of J.O. encouragement as that babe copulates her twat with a sex toy.

Later this week, Amber Dawn is intend to engulf and shag a large, dark-skinned rod. How inspirational!

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