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A johnson for Mrs. Johnson

A johnson for Mrs. Johnson

A johnson for Mrs. Johnson

Tyler is taking a shower when Mrs. Johnson, back home from work, walks in on him and peeks into the shower. She is wearing a short, tight, backless dress (this babe has a very hot back to go along with her bigger in size than standard fullsome funbags), and it is obvious what that babe is looking for.

“Oh, my god, Mrs. Johnson, what are u doing?” Tyler says, covering his johnson with a towel. After all, he’s her son’s ally!

“What do you think I am doing?” Melissa says. “I’ve seen u looking at my juggs. Do not tell me u haven’t been looking at my mangos, young woman chaser.”

This stud cant deny that. And nobody else is home, but does that actually matter? By this time, Melissa has her hand wrapped firmly around Tyler’s meat-thermometer, and no ladies man is going to be able to resist that. Melissa gives him a deep, soaked, sloppy oral pleasure and pays particular attention to his balls. She talks impure (betcha Tyler didn’t know his most unbelievable friend’s Mommy fuck-talked) to work him up even more, then that babe shags his jock with her muff and her booty. Yes, Tyler is intend to get to copulate his foremost friend’s mom’s chocolate hole!

This is Fuck Movie No. 1 for Melissa, a 58-year-old wife and Mother from Honolulu.

Favorite sports: volleyball, basketball and tennis.

Hobbies: Gonna the gym, baking and reading.

Tits: Greater than run of the mill.

Body: Sexy.

Pussy: Pink.

Asshole: Gaping but tight.

Need to know anything else?

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