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Not So Average

Not So Archetypal

Not So Average

Occupation: Bookstore employee; Lives: Portland, Oregon; Age: 33; Born: April 3; Ht: 5’3″; Wt: 92 pounds; Bras: 34A; Panties: Everything but straps; Anal: Not at all done it; BJs: Drink; Masturbate: Oh yeah.

“I’m your standard, run-of-the-mill girl,” Kennedy told us. “I love hiking, reading, playing with my pets and going on the occasional vacation with allies. I can play the flute, and I adore plan to cocktail bars and seeing clips.” That does sound perfectly archetypical, but “average” girls don’t usually spread their wet cracks on-camera for porno mags. We asked Kennedy about that. “That’s true! I’m free with my sexuality. I don’t acquire hung up on morals or shame. Porn is rogering outstanding, why not give it a discharged?

“The worst pickup line a lad ever told me was, ‘I’m indeed rich, so you’d be dumb to not talk to me.’ It was forward and brash. I let him buy me some drinks, then I jerked him off in his sports car. His weenie was smaller than his wallet!”

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A Russian wife who really loves cock!

A Russian wife who truly likes pecker!

A Russian wife who actually can't live with out ramrod!

“I at no time run after lads,” said Natasha Ola, a 44-year-old wife from Moldova (formerly in the Soviet Union) who doesn’t run after the lad in this scene. He runs after her. Truly, he knocks on her door. This charmer is there for his Russian lesson, but this lady-killer can not concentrate on learning a language because Mrs. Ola looks so hot and hawt in her tight suit, which exposes off her zeppelins and legs. Both are very worthwhile. In fact, Natasha rogered for about 10 years ago.

Another reason Natasha has great lgs: This babe is an lap dancer. You know, a exotic dancer. This babe works at a lap dancing club in St. Petersburg, Florida, where she gives hawt lap dances to fortunate fellows and makes them cum in their pants. Tyler, the guy in this scene, doesn’t cum in his pants. After this fellow bonks Natasha (and she copulates him back), this chab cums all over her pointer sisters.

Natasha lives in Florida. She describes her perfect day as “working out at the Fitness Centre and going out with my spouse.” And when she goes out, she wears taut, hawt dresses that unveil off plenty of breast valley. She’d adore to go skydiving; she hasn’t done that yet. She is not a swinger, but this babe has fucked other men since that babe is been married. A scarcely any that we know of, that is for sure.

By the way, members, stay tuned: Coming in a short time, Natasha fucks two very juvenile dudes.

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Granny’s fuck toys

Granny’s shag toys

Granny's copulate toys

What does the modern 60Plus SEXY HOUSEWIFE keep on her end table? A lot of sex-aids. At least that is what 62-year-old wife, Mom and grandma Caroline Hamsel keeps on her end table.

“I crave to talk to you today about what I love about tongueing guys’ nice-looking schlongs,” this British GILF says. “So I went to demonstrate what it’s that I like about giving a oral fun.”

This babe picks up a purple sextoy and demonstrates.

“What I love is putting it into my face hole love this and just running my tongue around the tip. And then just engulfing. And then what I adore to do is lick all the way up to the tip and on the side. And then taking it into my throat. And I like to take it in as far as possible. And I like to taste the lad as his juices initiate to come out. It tastes so wonderful. And adore to feel his cock pulsating in my face hole.

After that babe is finished with the blowjob demonstration, Mrs. Hamsel uses the toys, some of ’em very large, on her snatch.

And, so, today’s movie scene winds up the warmup portion of Caroline’s week at Tomorrow, this babe fucks. This babe is willing.

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Natasha’s toy box

Natasha’s toy box

Natasha's toy box

“I at no time run after boys. They need to come after me,” said Natasha Ola, a 44-year-old wife who was born in Moldova in the former Soviet Union and now lives in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Natasha has a hawt little body: just five-feet tall, 102 pounds, D-cup wobblers, 22-inch waist, and this babe can’t live out of to display it off. Natasha is an hawt dancer in St. Petersburg, Florida, and this babe puts the younger gals in the lap dancing club to shame.

This is Natasha’s week at solo fotos today, solo video tomorrow, bonk photos on Wednesday and shag video on Thursday. But it’s not her first time getting naked or banging on-camera. Back in 2008, Natasha showed off her attractive legs for Lex Sex mag and screwed a dude (the scene is still live at and A description of the XXX scene might whet your appetite to explore further: “Watch him pour syrup all over her legs and constricted pussy and lick and fuck her right on her kitchen counter.”

Here, Natasha screws her constricted little love tunnel with big toys. Very valuable. And the unveil is just getting started!

When Natasha was growing up in the Communist Soviet Union, that babe could not do soever this babe glad, as this babe is doing here.

“But I had a alluring childhood,” she said. “I was Daddy’s gal. Spoiled, anything.” That babe has a sister who lives in Portugal. “She’s taller, blond. My brother has brown hair, light skin. Merely me, I look black as hell!”

Natasha’s name, looks and accent remind us of Natasha Nogoodnik from the aged cartoon show Rocky and Bullwinkle. She’s heard that before. But that display was for kids. What you are seeing here is adults-only.

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Tan-Lined Tits And An Ultra-Pink Pussy

Tan-Lined Titties And An Ultra-Pink Love tunnel

Tan-Lined Juggs And An Ultra-Pink Pussy

Gia Jones, a 19-year-old, long-haired dark-skinned brown who was born in Peru and lives in Miami, shows up at our door wearing a blue reservoir top and jeans. “I’m here for the interview,” that babe says. “We do our interviews in the exposed,” our videographer tells her. “Is that okay with you?” “That’s nice,” Gia says.

That babe takes her top off and discloses a cute, merry pair of tan-lined B-cup meatballs. There’s nearly an all-over tan elsewhere. Then she tells us that she can’t live out of her fullsome funbags ‘coz they’re not also bigger than standard, not likewise small, and she can’t live with out her wet crack, likewise. But this babe doesn’t love other girls’ cookies. Just her own. She loves knob. “I love it,” that babe says.

Over the course of the next 15 or so minutes, Gia spreads up her ultra-pink wet crack and sticks toys and two of her fingers unfathomable inside. She’s a excited Lalin girl who’s just finding out about the nasty ways of life, and she’s enjoying what this babe has detected so far. Savour discovering Gia.

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Introducing a brand-new 60Plus MILF from England

Introducing a brand-new 60Plus SEXY HOUSEWIFE from Great Britain

Introducing a brand-new 60Plus MILF from England

“I wanted to do a skilled pictorial, so I asked my husband to research it, and this chab found you,” told Caroline Hamsel, a 62-year-old Mother and grandmother from Great Britain.

We’re cheerful this charmer detected us. We’re very cheerful that this handsome, sexy redhead decided to take the plunge, and we’re celebrating with Caroline Hamsel Week at solo photos this day, solo movie scene the next day, Caroline’s 1st hardcore pics on Wednesday and her first hardcore movie scene on Thursday. In today’s fotos, that babe copulates her old, tight slit with a lot of toys.

“The people I know would definitely be surprised to see me here,” Caroline said. “My family and most of my friends do not know what I do.”

Caroline stays in shape my jogging. She enjoys gonna restaurants, lap dancing and watching episodes and TV. We asked her if she usually wears belts, and this babe told, “Mostly no.” What does that babe crave to do that that babe hasn’t done?

“An fuckfest pictorial and a group-sex,” this babe said. We made a lot happen during Caroline’s visit to our studio in Prague, Czechia. Did we make any of these things happen? Stay tuned and find out.

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Adria Rae

Adria Rae Adria Rae
Adria Rae @
It’s not unusual for a popular location — or "shoot house" — to have more than one production in progress, and when that’s happening, there’s a lot of await time. And the await can be lengthy and boring. Just ask Adria Rae. The handsome dark-skinned brown has been sitting on that daybed for hours…just envisaging for her scene to begin. Which is when Rico Meaty makes his move. Rico knows all about expect times, and he’s always wanton. That lady-killer is in luck, too, cuz Adria’s just as horny as Rico. Why not "spice up" the expect and turn smth boring into smth hot and sexy? Adria begins by trying on various wardrobe, and u know that is going to make Rico’s shlong hard. Unbending. Adria decides it is time to engulf, which is when Slim Push appears. He’s just wrapped, and even though this chab is dropped one load, his big cock is always locked and loaded! Both well-endowed bucks are going to have their way with alluring Adria, using all her tight, tight holes in command to bust! And when they do, Adria’s an absolute mess…and, of course, that is when the production manager calls the jizzed-up Adria Rae to set!!
Adria Rae Adria Rae
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Alex Blake

Alex Blake Alex Blake
Alex Blake @

Alex Blake Alex Blake
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Sweet Redheaded Alice

Sweet Redheaded Alice

Sweet Redheaded Alice

Today we add yet one more sexy legal age teenager to our roster of rammed redheads. Alice may look enchanting with her ginger curls and young face, but the solely thing pleasing about her is the way she rides rod. U know she’s wicked to the bone as she spreads her asscheeks and looks over her shoulder whilst getting her pussyhole filled. U can watch just how much her pink cum-hole is getting stretched when our petticoat chaser pulls out his meat-thermometer. Her tunnel gapes, still desiring to be filled deeper and harder. Luckily our buck has more in store for her as this chab ploughs her in doggie-style and sticks his thumb in her backdoor.

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Kaiserin’s first on-camera fuck

Kaiserin’s first on-camera bonk

Kaiserin's first on-camera fuck

“I’m a MILF with 2 kids and way also close to potentially being a GILF,” told 45-year-old wife Kaiserin Dee.

Do not worry about that, Dee (as her friends call her). You are looking great with your excellent body and big, overweight juggs. We think you’ll be even sexier if and when you become a grandmother.

But that is a story for one more day. Here, H-cup Kaiserin is screwing on-camera for the first time. Seems as if Tyler was hired to do some work around the house and was said by Kaiserin’s partner to come through the back door. Well, he comes around back, looks throughout the window and sees Kaiserin looking hot in a dress. He’s relishing the view until she catches him watching her. But does this babe tell him to acquire lost? No way. That babe drags him inside–he doesn’t take much dragging–and sucks and fucks his youthful 10-Pounder.

Unlike so many of our HORNY HOUSEWIVES, Kaiserin isn’t a swinger or a nudist. But that babe has sex each single day, “sometimes more than one time a day,” and enjoys getting herself off, likewise. She describes herself as sexually passive, although she is definitely not passive in this scene. And although she’s not a swinger, that babe did one time visit a sex exotic dancing club.

“I went nuts on a ottoman with one more couple in a room with two-way glass,” that babe recalled. “I knew a crowd was watching coz the DJ was making comments the entire time.”

That babe added, “I like knowing I’m turning people on. It is not the watching per se, but knowing I’m getting them randy makes me urge to perform.”

She came to the right place.

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The super-busty MILF’s first time

The super-busty MILF’s first time

The super-busty MILF's first time

Tyler has shown up to do some work. That gent walks around to the backyard, as he was said to do, and goes to the door. It is a glass door. He looks inside and sees Kaiserin wearing a constricted dress.

“Wow. That must be his wife,” this chab says. “She’s so sexy.”

But she just now spots him, and this babe is not happy.

“Your spouse hired me to do some work,” he explains.

“What do you mean, u fuckin’ pervert? Peeping Tom,” she scolds.

“I just came here to do some work,” this stud stammers.

“I think u must be taught a lesson, you little pervert,” she says. “Have u even been with a female my age in advance of? How about if I educate u a lesson?”

This smooth operator doesn’t receive to answer. This babe just drags him to the bedroom, throws him onto the ottoman, takes out his jock and begins sucking it. That babe sucks his balls, likewise, which is precious, especially the way this babe does it: very lovingly. Then this babe shags it.

And did we mention that Kaiserin has big love melons? And a precious cookie?

“That’s a well-used muff,” that babe says as he screws her doggystyle.

A well-used pussy: Kaiserin isn’t a swinger, but this babe is a Mother of two, and that babe does copulate a lot. This babe was born in Ohio and lives in Texas with her husband and kids. She’s 45 years aged. And here, she’s banging on-camera for the 1st time.

“I’ve had more fun in my Fourtys than glamorous much any other age,” said Kaiserin, who enjoys watching Star Wars videos and is learning how to pole dance. “In my Thirtys, I was too busy making sure anything was taken care of to worry about having enjoyment. Now, nice-looking much anything is settled and taken care of, so I can just be me. I am in a place in my life where I do not must worry about money or promotions. It’s me time now. Now I can be the nutty person I was always afraid to be.”

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Payton is 56. The guy she’s fucking is 25.

Payton is 56. The man she’s rogering is Twenty five.

Payton is Fifty six. The guy she's rogering is 25.

Oliver, who’s only Twenty five years mature, comes around looking for his superlatively worthwhile ally, but Johnny’s not home. Payton’s home, though, and this babe invites Oliver to come in.

“We can kill time,” Payton says.

“Kill time?” Johnny asks. “How are we gonna do that?”

By banging, that’s how. It is what happens when your bud’s Mother is a adult star.

Payton is a Mama and grandmother from Arizona. That babe is solely 5’2″ tall. Love her tan lines. Love her little body. Like that this babe likes to fuck on-camera for all the world to see. The boy in this scene is Thirty one years her junior. That’s a lot, but Payton can’t live without Them youthful.

“When I lived in Hawaii, the landscapers would come to play tennis with my spouse, who was mature,” she told. “We’d play tennis and have dinner every night. They were cute, especially the one my partner told wanted to bonk me, so we had our time!”

Payton is into sweethearts and chaps.

“I have one ally I play with regularly, not even on-film. We just have joy,” Payton said.

That is Payton. Always having pleasure, and we must check out.

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Anissa Kate

Anissa Kate Anissa Kate
Anissa Kate @
Anissa Kate is slutty. Very randy. And when Anissa’s clitoris throbs as much as it is palpitating this afternoon, that babe swipes right. A lot. This day, after "sizing up" all the online knob pics she’s asked for, Anissa has chosen three fellows with the astronomical dongs…because, let us face it…size matters. After rencounter and greeting her 3 recent fuck buddies, Anissa changes into her sexy lingerie and heads out to entertain her recent allies. That is when the trouble started. You see, one of the fellahs is a "catfish". If you are unfamiliar with the term, a catfish sends fake pics. This time, Jay the Catfish sent Anissa pix of the biggest dongs he could detect online. But they weren’t his. So when the weenies come out, Jay’s fib is bare! Jay the Catfish immediately turns into Jay the Cuckold, as he is compulsory to view…and that is it. View and jack his little dinky. Whilst the real men take turns using all 3 of Anissa’s gracious holes until they drop a tremendous amount of jizz all over Anissa’s gorgeous love bubbles. This is when Jay the Cuckold turns into Jay the Cleanup Boi!
Anissa Kate Anissa Kate

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