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Cara Reid – She’s Keeping It Tight

That babe is Keeping It Constricted

She's Keeping It Tight

This is Cara Reid. She’s a curvacious gal from Texas, and she’s a freespirited, married swinger on the prowl. But that is not what makes Cara particular. What sets her apart is the fact that that babe is 60 years aged. Yes, you got that right. She’s turning 61 in just a few weeks, really. This babe is kept her body tight and toned for any guys that babe finds glamourous sufficient to bed, and this babe is always looking for newcomers. “I adore to dress sexy with a touch of class. That attracts the right kind of dude. To tell u the truth, though, I’ve actually been into the ladies more recently. I had an outstanding three-on-one sexcapade with my girlfriends and my spouse. It is so much more joy and loose with more ladies there. This chab enjoyed himself, likewise.”

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Sally D’Angelo – Finally 60, finally ass-fucked

Lastly 60, lastly ass-fucked

Finally 60, lastly ass-fucked

What does it mean when Rocky slips his finger in Sally D’Angelo’s tight butthole in photo no. 30 of this set? And then keeps his finger firmly inserted in her chocolate hole for six more pics?

It means Sally is lastly going to receive ass-fucked on-camera!

That’s right! In her 5th fuck scene, this just-turned-60-year-old wife, Mom, grandmother and all-around meat-thermometer paramour is plan to take a penis up her gazoo. Not that we’re surprised. After all, Sally has been spending lots of time with Rita Daniels, and Rita has taken it up her arse every which way for our cameras. Rita and Sally even had a three-way, and u had to figure Sally was not about to allow herself to get one-upped-her-ass by Rita much longer.

“I’ve had anal dance with my hubby and with my hubby in my booty and another boy in my cunt,” Sally said. “That was hot, but I had to have a hardly any drinks to get there!”

She did not need numerous drinks this time. That babe was ready to get ass-fucked the second she strided into our studio. And did that babe enjoy it? Well, we did not ask her. We didn’t receive to. Sally’s moans of fun echoed throughout the building, and that was with the doors to the studio locked.

So here’s Sally. Ass-fucked. Vixen, we always knew you’d have it in u.

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Cameron Skye – The Real Cameron Skye

The Real Cameron Skye

The Real Cameron Skye

These bastards over at are indeed starting to urinate us off. Receive this; we received a fine email from a pleasant, chubby hotty named Cameron Skye. From her writing we could tell that this fine gal from Provo, Utah, a place that has the high-reaching concentration of Mormons in the world, was bubbly, smart and sexy. That babe said us this babe wanted to experiment and live her life the way that babe wanted to, without judgement. Well, the editor at SCORE took one look at her and flew her down to Miami the next day to take advantage of her ample 34H-cup scones. They stole her right out from under us!

Well, we’re still showing you boyz the pictures so you can see what that babe resembles without all the makeup that SCORE puts on their models. We adore ’em au naturel, as they say. Oh, and keep a look out, we’re going to acquire our revenge…

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Tori Dean – Horny For Cock In her ass

Lascivious For Wang In her butt

Horny For Rod In her ass

“I’m feeling indeed excited this day,” 47-year-old Tori Dean tells Tony. “Are u as horny as I am?”

Probably. Even hornier.

“Do u adore what you see?”

What we’re seeing is Tori’s constricted body and larger than average whoppers packed into a low-cut and very hawt suit. What we’re about to watch is Tori engulfing a big pecker, taking it in her pussy and rectal hole and then savouring a spunk pie. This is the 4th time Tori has banged for our viewing joy (she’s taken it up the butt one time in advance of), and it is a worthwhile one.

This is the lady who was one time voted “Legendary M.I.L.F. of Arizona.” Since there’re plenty of MILFS in Arizona, where Tori lives, that’s quite an applaud. And how many of these M.I.L.F.S. have fucked on-camera?

“Probably more than you’d think,” Tori told, although this babe says the people who know her wouldn’t be surprised to see her here.

“I don’t think someone would be surprised,” that babe told.

Even by the part where she takes Tony’s pecker in her wazoo?

“Even that.”

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Tiffany Fox – She’ll Try Anything Once

She’ll Try Anything Once

She'll Try Everything Once

Hey bucks, in our efforts to keep you fully stocked with quality jack material, we’re bringing you a adult model from our sister website This is Tiffany Fox. She’s just 19 years aged, but that babe already knows how to please a lad. “I’ve always been the experimental one in my group of allies. In high-school, I was always the one beauty who did not wish a partner. I just wanted to be free and hook up with someone I wanted. That’s probably one reason I’ve decided to try banging on camera-besides the fact that it’s sexy as screw. I just want to experience anything life has to suggest, and that includes getting my tight wet crack stretched to the max while lads are wanking to me.”

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Moreen Helm – How many ways can we fill Moreen’s asshole?

How many ways can we fill Moreen’s dark hole?

How many ways can we fill Moreen's butthole?

“I cant acquire enough,” told Moreen Helm, a 56-year-old from California. “I love to be filled up with a pecker in my butt. Just make sure there is plenty of lube, and I’m willing to go.”

In this scene, that babe is definitely willing to go. That is obvious from the outset. She tells juvenile Rocky that this babe desires his knob in her arse. He widens her legs and goes right for her asshole with his fingers. That babe can’t live out of having a finger in her chocolate hole.

“I have some toys,” that babe says. “We’re going to play hide the beads.”

Guess where they hide them? Then Rocky fucks her rectal hole with a greater than run of the mill, darksome dildo. Then that guy shags Moreen’s bawdy cleft and anus with his large cock.

Moreen is a Mom of 3. That babe is owned an auto detailing business and worked in child care. She’s likewise been married four times and is currently divorced. That babe is a swinger who screws a lot.

“I think I’m gonna stay single this time. I’m having way also much pleasure!”

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Jade Steele – Jade Gets Some

Jade Receives Some

Jade Receives Some

Exotic, curvacious, dark-haired 43-year-old Jade Steele is putting on her makeup when this scene spreads. The camera zeros in on her very nice deep cleavage, then pans out when Tony shows up and grabs her hooters. It appears like they were supposed to go out tonight, but they’re not going anywhere.

“I’m trying to acquire ready,” Jade tells Tony.

This ladies man is trying to get into her knickers. He doesn’t must try likewise rock hard.

“I like sex,” Jade said. “I just don’t acquire enough of it.”

That has to be her choice. What gent would turn down Jade?

And just in case u meet her and wanna try your luck, this Mommy of one loves dudes who are kind and can make her laugh.

Hey, isn’t that what each lady says? Well, Jade means it.

Or maybe she doesn’t. After all, Tony wasn’t kind. He just traipsed up to her and clutched her bumpers. And this smooth operator did not make her chuckle.

“But this smooth operator did make me cum,” Jade told.

There is always a catch, isn’t there?

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Jennifer Matthews – Tiny Teeny Titties

Small Teeny Milk sacks

Tiny Teeny Titties

Jennifer Matthews is merely 4’10” and weighs 90 pounds, but this babe is hornier than all the football players at her school. She knows this for a fact. “I out-fucked each one I was with-and I was with a lot of ’em,” she said us. “There was one chap, I think he’s the kicker, and that buck drilled me 3 times in one night, but I guess this smooth operator was only skillful to do that cuz that ladies man was on pills. Everyone else was one-and-done. That is not enough for me…unless u give me 3 at one time!”

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Moreen Helm – Anal encore! Anal encore!

Anal encore! Anal encore!

Anal encore! Anal encore!

Moreen Helm was quite a hit when this babe initially debuted at and got ass-fucked.

“Incredible talent. What a sexy MILF,” werkoholic said.

“Maybe the foremost glamour model ever. Bring her back!” JJ said.

“She is an absolute skilled at sucking and banging weenie,” desetclyde said. “I can’t believe she’s not an escort. The lucky dude’s pecker slipped into her butt so easily, it is obvious this babe does lots of anal banging. Go Mo!”

Well, now Moreen is back, and guess what this babe is doing this time. She’s getting ass-fucked again in what might be our filthiest scene ever.

“I’m so hot and wanton,” Moreen says. “I wanna be rogered by his hard cock. I’m sure it’ll feel fine in my booty. I love it in the ass.”

Yep, Moreen, we know.

Now 56 years old, exotic, raunchy, lascivious and lascivious Moreen is a divorcee from California. This babe has dark areolae and a very accommodating backdoor. In this scene, this babe tears her straps and pulls her fur pie open whilst she’s slobbering all over Rocky’s big pecker. That is ‘cuz this babe urges u to look into her pink vagina. That babe has anal beads in her rectal hole. Rocky pulls ’em out and dips ’em into her mouth so that babe can taste her booty. That gent bonks her muff and butt and cums on her face. Moreen is pleased.

You’ll be cheerful, too.

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Dani Lane – Creampie Cum-pilation

Creampie Cum-pilation

Creampie Cum-pilation

Here’s a debate that we bet you have had in advance of in your life: Is it more astonishing to blast a girl’s love bubbles and face after a valuable, lengthy shag, or to sink your palpitating dick deep into her slit and coat her insides with your jism?

We’ll give you a moment to think about it.

Ok, even if you said you adore facials more, you are still plan to fuckin’ like those fotos of hawt, sticky creampies. We took an unscientific poll around the office to see if any fresh sperm pie sets stood out in our editor’s memories. We have got Dani, Annie, Mae and Stacey all getting their cunnies coated and filled. Plus, observe out for Stacey and Jessica making out after getting a facial, too! It is the superlatively worthy of both worlds.

Log in the next day for a matching cumpilation clip! We know you’ll like it.

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Kimberly Douglas – The Bush is Back in Town

The Bush is Back in City

The Bush is Back in Town

Kimberly Douglas is back! The Washingtonian who lives in Scotland was recently back in The States to celebrate her dad’s birthday and ran into an ex-boyfriend. That babe detected out quickly that that gent still has feelings for her. “I ran into him at the bar we used to try to sneak into as kids in high school. I hadn’t seen him for years, but this fellow still looks the same! We ended up going back to his place for the night. I had him shoot those pictures for me coz we used to take bare pics all the time, and it just felt exactly the same as it used to. That Lothario said my pubes have become much fuller since then. It was kind of priceless, reminiscing about what could have been whilst this woman chaser was inside me. Fucking him was love riding a bicycle! But, now I am back to Scotland and all the hawt foreign lads. Life is too short to live in the past.”

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Jade Steele – Jade: First Time

Jade: 1st Time

Jade: First Time

Jade Steele, a 43-year-old HORNY HOUSEWIFE (that babe has a son), makes her debut by engulfing and banging Tony’s rock hard, curved penis. Jade is getting ready to go out–putting on her makeup, stuffing her fine, firm wobblers into her top–but Tony has other ideas.

“I’m trying to receive ready,” Jade says, but this smooth operator cant keep his hands off her milk cans. We don’t blame him. There can’t be any place that fellow could go that would beat fucking a M.I.L.F. like Jade. This babe gives in (she’s lascivious, also, u know), and he fills her face hole with pecker and eats her wet crack and fucks her each which way. Then that babe spreads her throat for his cum.

By the way, Jade’s bawdy cleft is a self-opener, meaning when that babe opens her legs, her lips open right up. Sexy.

Jade was born in Long Beach, California and now lives in Las Vegas. She used to be a realtor. You know what they say about woman realtors: They love to show off their bodies to make sales. Who knows what else they do? But we can guess.

Jade is 5’2″ and weighs 118 pounds. She measures 34C-26-36. That babe has a great butt. That babe enjoys riding horses and watching football. She’s not a swinger. She is a nudist. We asked her how often she has sex.

“Not often sufficient,” that babe answered.

We can help her with that.

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Cara Reid – Cara’s first time

Cara’s 1st time

Cara's 1st time

“What’s intend to happen right now? I am hoping I am gonna acquire the screwing of a lifetime,” says Cara Reid, a 60-year-old wife, Mom and grandmother from Texas who’s screwing on-video for the 1st time. “I’ve not at all done this before, but there is a little wild side in me that says, ‘Girl, you can do this, and we’re going to have pleasure with it.'”

That babe had some emotional support: Her boyfriend was sat just six feet away, watching her engulf and fuck a charmer she’d met, well, about an hour or 2 earlier.

That is smth that definitely wouldn’t have happened, say, 16 or 17 years ago.

“I lived a very sheltered life until 15 years agone, when I met my second hubby,” Cara said. “A Southern upbringing with Bible, church, things like that. As I grew up, I could feel things inside, but society says, ‘Ladies don’t do these kinds of things.’ I was raised like that.”

Then that babe met her second boyfriend.

“He introduced me to adventurous things like skydiving, SCUBA, riding motorcycles, but then the more raunchy side beginning coming out, and that ladies man brought up being with some other female-dominant. So we did it, and it worked out very well.”

They became swingers eight years agone. And that lifestyle probably would have been wild enough for Cara. But then, she met 60Plus Mamma I’D LIKE TO FUCK Sally D’Angelo. At 1st, Cara did not know that Sally was a 60Plus MILF. They were biker allies. They rode motorcycles together. But then Sally told Cara about, and Cara told, “I’m in!”

Now, we do not know how you feel about destiny, but what are the odds of two cock-loving honeys adore Cara and Sally, one who lives in Texas and one who lives in Florida (Sally), collision up completely by chance?

Sometimes, u just acquire fortunate.

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