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Phoebe’s First Fuck

Phoebe’s 1st Copulate

Phoebe's 1st Fuck

Phoebe Page, a 46-year-old wife and Mama from Nashville, Tennessee, makes her worldwide sucking-and-fucking on-camera initial debut, and judging by a not many of her fotos, we’re gonna have a fine time with Phoebe.

No. 27: Phoebe wraps her lips around a big, thick jock and tries to get as much of it into her mouth as possible. She seems intent on swallowing that damn thing!

No. 28: Phoebe lies back for a face-fucking and doesn’t brace her hands against the stud’s legs. Nope, this babe lets him fuck her face as deeply as this buck urges. ‘cuz that’s the kind of lady she’s!

No. 31: Riding the stud’s shlong, his rod snug inside her vagina, Phoebe rests her high-heeled shoes on his hips, reaches back to snatch an gazoo cheek and give us a more outstanding view of her butthole while looking into the camera.

No. 50: Her face covered with man juice, Phoebe holds her hands against her cheeks as if to say, “Oh, my, don’t I’ve a lot of cum on my face!”

Phoebe is 5’6″, 128 pounds. That babe likes ice hockey. This babe enjoys baking, writing and going to the vids. She is into the vampire fetish (what female isn’t those days?). That babe fantasizes about “screwing my way with out a traffic ticket.”

“I relish doing sexy things that make boyz check out me while my hubby watches their reactions,” that babe told. “And going into adult stores together to pick out fresh outfits and toys, then going home to try them out.”

Now Phoebe and her husband have a fresh toy to play with: her copulate scenes on

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From Bored To Boned

From Bored To Boned

From Bored To Boned

“I was so bored envisaging for this bus. And you know when you’re bored your mind begins to wander. Well, mine did and I started thinking about sex. I was adore, ‘Damn, I wouldn’t mind engulfing a ding-dong right now.’ I suppose I was putting that vibe out because a minute later these guys avoided and offered me a ride. I knew that was my chance to acquire what I had been lust. I did not even expect for it, I went right ahead and seized this guy’s 10-Pounder. It was already unyielding, also. Valuable to know we were on the same page. I was so glad to get a taste of that cock that I sucked him off supplementary wonderful. And when we fucked I opened my legs wide and let him drill me as rock hard as he wanted, because that’s how I adore it, likewise.”

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Rita fucks her son’s big-dicked friend

Rita fucks her son’s big-dicked ally

Rita fucks her son's big-dicked friend

Rita Daniels turned 62 last week, and as an early birthday present, we gave her 25-year-old Johnny’s larger than average, thick ding-dong. Certainly, Rita knew exactly what to do with it. This babe sucked it. This babe swallowed it. She let it copulate her meatballs. She had it copulate her snatch every which way. This babe had it discharge its load all over her face. ‘cuz she’s Rita Daniels, sexy and lewd love always but seemingly moreso in this scene. That’s ‘coz here, she’s rogering her son’s best friend. What’s also peculiar about this scene is that Rita catches Johnny (that is her son’s ally) looking at her pictures in 50Plus SEXY HOUSEWIVES magazine. He’s stroking his dong through his pants when Rita catches him, although “catches” is probably not the correct word since Rita wanted him to watch the images. Thirty-five years ago, Mrs. Robinson enticed Benjamin Braddock by crossing her legs. In 2012, Mrs. Daniels seduces Johnny Champ by showing him photos of her sucking ding-dong and rogering. Times have changed. For the more worthwhile, we think. Rita takes every inch of Johnny and enjoys every jerk off. She indeed is one of the horniest women you’ll ever meet. That babe shags a lot. That babe can’t live out of to wear sexually excited outfits. And that babe is a great ambassador for and, which we really appreciate. Rita likes being renowned, but this babe mostly loves rogering youthful dudes in our studio. And this scene…the one you’re about to observe…it could happen. Has it happened?
Rita wouldn’t say. Should we take that as a yeah?

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A total exhibitionist!

A total exhibitionist!

A total exhibitionist!

Lives: Miami, Florida; Occupation: Graphic arts pupil; Age: 19; Born: August 8; Ht: 5’5″; Wt: 119 pounds; Bras: 34B or none; Panties: Briefs or none; Anal: I love it! BJs: I’m worthy at it; Diddle: Almost all nights.

“Obviously, I am a flirt and a tanalize and an exhibitionist. And by no means, ever dare me to do smth craziest cuz I’ll definitely do it,” told Sasha. “That’s why I did my thing in public in the daylight. Thinking that someone might catch me or someone might be spying on me got me truly horny and I am sure that is why my climax was bigger in size than usual.”

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Juvenile Lola is surprised when this babe finds that a different instructor has turned up for her weekly piano lesson. That babe likes his accent and thinks he’s way sexier than her usual lad. They run through the basics as he finds out what this babe knows. But that babe in a short time makes it obvious that that babe knows that she desires to shag. This babe tells him that this babe hasn’t had sex in a week, and that’s way too long. Being the priceless boy that this ladies man his, the instructor says “fuck the piano,” and happily lets Lola exercise her fingers-and her lips-on his dick, then gives her some one-on-one instruction in screwing.

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Kay’s big-cock anal jam

Kay’s big-cock anal jam

Kay's big-cock anal jam

“Oh, baby, I desire it in my butt now,” 48-year-old housewife Kay says to 25-year-old stunt jock Johnny about 13 minutes into this scene, which is entirely about sexual, wicked sex. There’s no setup. No plot. When it opens, Kay is wearing a short, colorful costume. Johnny is all over her bouncy bosoms and fur pie, and Kay is all over his strapon. That babe is grinding her wazoo into his crotch to let him know what that babe desires…after she sucks his jock and gets her semi-shaved vagina banged, certainly.

One of the highlights of this scene comes previous to Johnny sticks his cock in Kay’s wedded black hole. That babe is lying on her side on the daybed, and he’s pummeling her slit while lying behind her, and her areolas are hard as little rocks. One’s pointing str8 to the northeast, the other is pointing str8 to the southeast, and u could cut glass with these aroused nips.

Another highlight is when Kay is sat on top of Johnny, her anal opening surrounding his schlong, and Johnny grabs her by the buns and pumps her up and down on his ramrod. Kay takes each inch and then says, “I desire you to shove that weenie up my wazoo doggie-style.” When Kay’s butt has been thoroughly fucked and Johnny can not hold back any more, when Kay’s old backdoor has grasped his cock for all it is worth, Kay gets on her knees and opens her face hole for his cum.

This scene truly reflects Kay’s personality. This is a woman who likes gangbangs, mouthing schlong and taking it up the ass. She’s not one of those hotties who needs to be romanced. She isn’t into that lovey-dovey crap. She’s a femdom-goddess who needs to have her holes filled. Every single one. Face hole. Slit. Butt. And if you can come up with another one, she’d probably be game for that, also.

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Soccer and sex

Soccer and sex

Soccer and sex

Lives: Coral Springs, Florida; Occupation: Sports management scholar; Age: Twenty one; Born: November 30; Ht: 5’3″; Wt: 111 pounds; Bras: 32A; Panties: Boyshorts; Anal: Not yet; BJs: Receive a little taste then spit; Diddle: Certainly.

“I play in the midfield for the high-school soccer team,” said Fiona. “I did not pose in our match shirt; that would not be right. I like the game and it keeps me fit for sex, also. I adore flirting with boys and being the center of attention, but showing everything to the world is taking that to a complete fresh level. My partner laughed when I said I wanted to go bare for the world to see. This chab loved taking the fotos, but I’m sure that buck never thought I’d submit them.”

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“Mrs. Daniels, you’re so fucking hot!”

“Mrs. Daniels, you’re so rogering hot!”

Mike’s friend Johnny helped him do some work around the abode, and now Johnny is plan to spend the night on the ottoman.

“My parents are upstairs,” Mike says. “Keep the volume down, alright?”

But there is indeed nothing on TV (what else is fresh?), so Johnny checks out the storage chest in front of the couch, and what’s inside? Magazines! Men’s magazines! And, would not u know it, 50Plus MILFS is one of ’em. So that man starts flipping through it and…

“What the bonk! That is Mike’s Mamma!”

Yep, it has to be a bit of a shock to see your almost all precious friend’s 62-year-old Mamma slutting it up in a men’s mag, and it’s a larger than average turn-on, likewise, so Johnny begins playing with his wang through his pants whilst looking at the immodest pix of Mrs. Daniels when…

“Johnny, I did not know u were here,” says Mrs. Daniels, standing behind Johnny, looking very hawt.

“I really do appreciate u helping with the attic,” Mrs. Daniels says. “I put those magazines in there hoping u would find ’em. What do u think?”

“You’re so screwing hot,” Johnny says.

“I am so cheerful that you’re spending the night. It really makes things so much easier.”


“I am so screwing excited,” Mrs. Daniels says. “And I adore youthful rod, baby. I adore my son’s friends’ larger than typical schlongs. U do not mind if Mrs. Daniels devours you, do u?”

This lady-killer doesn’t mind at all. Why should that smooth operator? Not when his majority priceless friend’s Mama is one of the hottest sweethearts on the planet. Not when this babe is intend to let him copulate her face and her greater than typical funbags and her old vagina. Not when she’s gonna invite him to discharge his cum all over her face and love melons.

Did Mike say, “Keep the volume down”? Yep, right. Not when Rita’s around.

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Skipping For Sex

Skipping For Sex

Skipping For Sex

Why is Ginger playing hooky? “Because they don’t let you screw in school,” that babe says. That’s a good reason. Ginger doesn’t need an education, furthermore. That babe is already learned anything this babe needs to know, like how to engulf penis and ride it. “Would u rather be sat in a boring classroom or getting banged? The answer is facile. You not at any time use any of the ram u learn in school in the real world. But I use anything I have got when I engulf cock and screw.” Yep, that babe does. See Ginger acquire her face fucked and then spread her legs in a split to receive as unfathomable a pounding as possible.

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Making a fantasy cum true

Making a dream cum true

Making a dream cum true

Ashden, 22, is a communications scholar from St. Petersburg, Florida. She’s 5’6″, weighs about 135 pounds, wears 34C bras and briefs or G-strings. Her birthday is September Twenty one. When that babe used to look at this website with the lad who is now her ex-partner, that babe “always got the hots for Commando ‘cuz this chab looks so much like the 1st boy I had sex with. But I kept that to myself,” that babe said. But when this babe identified herself unattached one time more, Ashden began to fantasize about screwing Commando on-camera…and here she’s. “I had the supreme agonorgasmos of my life!” Ashden gushed afterward.

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Stretched And Stuffed

Stretched And Stuffed

Stretched And Stuffed

Years of gymnastics have left Ginger with a body that’s both taut and pliable. She’s toned and taut from her arms to her stomach to her perky a-hole, whilst her limbs are capable of stretching beyond ordinary limitations. Little did she know when she began her training that later on it would a major asset in her sex life. “Guys check me out because I’m dunky and in shape. When I’ve sex with ’em, I unveil ’em just how in shape I’m. They loooove it when I open my legs in a split when I fuck ’em, or pull one leg behind my head. It gives them a clear observe of the act and they say it feels actually tight and precious, likewise.”

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Stick it in her ass? O-Kay!

Stick it in her arse? O-Kay!

Stick it in her booty? O-Kay!

Let’s welcome back Kay, a 48-year-old housewife who told us, “Sucking meat-thermometer is my beloved thing in the world,” and, “I’ve given thousands of blow jobs, and my boyfriend has viewed all of ’em,” and, “I used to be very, very coyness, but now I love having sex in front of an audience. I love to blow men’s minds.”

This time around, this sexy, amorous, monster titted blonde unveils just how priceless a cock-sucker this babe is by taking Johnny’s long, thick strapon in her face hole. That babe doesn’t get it all but this babe receives most of it, and she’s even precious enough to make her cheek pucker with his dick-head whilst looking into the camera.

“This Lothario had a big dong,” Kay told. “But that’s wonderful with me. I love gagging on big jocks.”

The main event of this scene comes when Kay takes each inch of Johnny’s larger than typical shlong in her booty and bounces up and down on it.

“I thought his weenie was going to split my backdoor in half,” Kay told after she wiped his load off her face. “It felt so worthy!”

This is the third appearance on for Kay, who lives in Connecticut and is living her fantasy and her husband’s fantasy by screwing for our viewing pleasure. Husband was sat just a hardly any feet away while a perfect stranger was having his way with his wife’s chocolate hole. This smooth operator is used to seeing his wife do lewd things.

“I one time did a group action with one more woman,” Kay told. “I had at not time met any of the chaps or the gal in person prior to the encounter. I was so turned on by her and the situation that after numerous of the lads dumped their loads all over her, I licked her complete body clean, eating all the cum off her, including her ass. Then we made out. It was indeed sexy.”

And then, Kay and her hubby went home and fucked. The key to a happy marriage.

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Taking it all off

Taking it all off

Taking it all off

Lives: Culver Town, California; Occupation: Student/topless dancer; Age: 20; Born: December 26; Ht: 5’8″; Wt: 119 pounds; Bras: 34C; Panties: Knickers or boyshorts; Anal: Just take up with the tongue it, don’t stick it; BJs: Always drink; Diddle: About twice a week.

“I dance in a topless exotic dancing club four nights a week. I make more money than I would make from a part-time job, if I could even discover one. It’s a joy job; I love it,” told Hayden. “There’s no back room for lap dances, and the lads can’t get likewise near the angels; just close sufficient to give us tips. I’m really nice at teasing and getting tips. My hubby doesn’t mind me doing it, but he will not come to the lap dancing club to watch me.”

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