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What Are Friends For?

What Are Allies For?

What Are Friends For?

Sara goes to watch a close ally who she is known for a long-time. This babe is super stressed ‘coz her hubby has just dumped her, this babe was fired from her job, and that babe has no cash to pay her rent. Her ally suggests to loan her some money, but that’s not what she’s after. That babe has a very special request to make: That babe urges to de-stress by screwing him. After all, everyone knows that a precious, subrigid screw is the utmost stress reliever there’s! Her ally is pleased to oblige, and after Sara has bare for him and sucked his rod, he rides her hard and gives her a cum bathroom…and her stress is gone! Can u count how many times Sara says screw?

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Because A Woman’s Asshole Has Needs, Too

Because A Woman’s Butthole Has Needs, Too

Because A Woman's Butthole Has Needs, Too

“I can’t wait until u fuck me with that greater than typical, black schlong of yours,” Trinity tells Asante at the kick off of this scene. “She desires u inside of her.” That babe, certainly, is Trinity‘s wet crack. “That bigger than run of the mill jock of yours will feel so fine inside of me.”
Trinity goes on and on about Asante’s larger than standard rod and what that babe urges him to do with it, and, of course, eventually–very quickly, actually–it happens.Trinity then gets down on her hands and knees and tells Asante how to play with her darksome hole. “Nice and slow at first,” she says. “My a-hole wants you to bonk it.”
But 1st, Trinity‘s mouth acquires fucked. And then her muff. “Fuck that fur pie,” Trinity says. And then, after some more asshole–fingering, Asante sinks his meat-thermometer unfathomable inside Trinity‘s needy chocolate hole. Needy? Did we say needy? Indeed, there’s no thing about Trinity that’s needy. She receives all the sex she craves and needs. “But I can always use a little more,” this babe says. And, so, Trinity uses Asante. To shag her arse.

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WARNING! You’ve Been Served…With Cum!

WARNING! You’ve Been Served…With Cum!

WARNING! You have Been Served...With Cum!

Last time we saw 64-year-old Lexi McCain, that babe was sharing a weenie with her bosom buddy Rita Daniels. Now, the truth is that Rita’s a very slutty female and has a way of keeping all the 10-Pounder for herself and not sharing evenly, so this time, we thought we’d let Lexi get all she could handle, all to herself. And it’s her 1st interracial scene, which is always particular.

Here, somebody’s knocking at the door for Lexi. It is Lucas. This chab works as a process server, and today he’s serving Lexi with divorce papers.

“You have made my day,” Lexi says. “Do you know what these divorce papers mean? Look how much money I am getting every single month for alimony. I can do everything.”

Anything? Yes, everything. Lexi asks Lucas if he’d adore to celebrate with her. Lexi‘s idea of a celebration is engulfing and slurping Lucas’s meat-thermometer, getting her bawdy cleft eaten and then getting her shaven, now-divorced muff filled with meat-thermometer and her face cumsprayed.

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40SOMETHING: So this is your 1st time doing talented nude modeling. Are you nervous?
JASMINE: A little, but not much. I am relishing myself.
40SOMETHING: Where are u from?
JASMINE: Denver, Colorado. I grew up on the east coast. In Allentown, Pennsylvania.
40SOMETHING: And how did you end up at Fourty something?
JASMINE: Well, it’s a little bit barmy. For starters, I should say that I’ve done burlesque. I’m a writer, and about a year ago, I wanted to do an article on the art of burlesque cuz it fascinated me. I had a ally who was a male exotic dancer, and this woman chaser suggested that I do burlesque because that stud thought I’d be indeed priceless at it. And so I checked out a local venue in Denver that was a cabaret where they had burlesque performances regularly and held a class, and I took the class, and the requirement for graduation was performing in front of a live audience. And it was a soldout display, and it went so well, I wrote an article about how taking your attractive raiment off can empower a lady cuz I’m all about women’s empowerment and hotties being secure in their sexuality. And then they asked me to come back and perform some more, so I did seven or eight performances in Denver.
40SOMETHING: What were the performances love?
JASMINE: I did a classic style of burlesque. I did a 1950s look. I am in adore with that era, the 1940s and ’50s. The mink stoles, the gloves, the marvelous look, everything. It was very thrilling.
40SOMETHING: Did you take all your raiment off?
JASMINE: I nude down to pasties and nothing less than a panty. Those were the rules. U had to keep a panty on.
40SOMETHING: Did you savour it?
JASMINE: Oh, very much. I had some allies…well, I should tell you that I am a recovering geek. I came from the technology industry. I worked in the software business most of my adult life. I was in technical training. I used to educate geeks. I tutored programmers, if u can believe that, and then I did consulting work. I did sales, I did marketing and I did global alliance managing, so I traveled around the world managing relationships. And the a matter of joke thing is, I invited a couple of people who used to work with me in the industry to my flaunt, and one of ’em was a lad friend, and this chab said me I looked adore I’d been doing it all my life. This smooth operator told, “You are a natural.” And that was my first appearance spectacle. It was very thrilling and it was highly empowering. The day of my launch performance in burlesque was one of the almost any exciting days of my life.
40SOMETHING: How come?
JASMINE: It was getting over a taboo. It was type of a celebration of my divorce as well, so I was kind of coming into my force as a newly single female. Finding out who I’m at my age and having been in marriage glamorous much all of my adult life, it was very empowering. It gave me an opportunity to set myself free. Let my free spirit soar.

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Let Me Sing Your Cock Off

Let Me Sing Your Penis Off

Let Me Sing Your Meat-thermometer Off

Sandra Blake excitedly drops by some guy’s house with a Models Wanted flyer. What makes her stand out from the pack? The audition managers desire to know. Well…Sandra says this babe can sing. However, one verse from Sandra and the manager calls for a cut. This chap has a more good idea. And Sandra acquires his drift fast. This chab would rather that babe auditions for a cock-karaoke with his meat-microphone. Sandra is up for the task, and yeah, she can sing his 10-Pounder off. After she blows his pants off, she acquires one of the hottest, sweetest bonks she’s ever had as this chab pounds her into the daybed. The sweat trickle down their bodies as they pump in doggie, cowgirl and missionary positions. It is a miracle that the couch doesn’t break in 2. Drenched in perspiration from their wild banging, Sandra widens her throat for her much deserved liquid award. She earned it!

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Just Give It To Her

Just Give It To Her

Just Give It To Her

Luccia isn’t coy when it comes to getting what this babe craves. If this babe needs a ride, she will not hesitate to flag down the first car that passes her and ask for one. If this babe wishes knob, this babe is gonna seize your tool and rub it untill it’s priceless and rock hard for her bawdy cleft. Here, Luccia was in need of the one and the other a lift and a knob. This babe sticks out her booty to receive the ride and sticks out her little funbags to let this Lothario know that she desires to fuck. Impressed by her forwardness, this chab gives Luccia a present by licking with tongue her cookie. She returns the favour in a wanton 69, and then widens her legs for his meat. One time some other time, Luccia acquires what Luccia wishes.

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Surprise, Honey. Happy Anniversary!

Surprise, Babe. Pleased Anniversary!

Surprise, Angel. Cheerful Anniversary!

Lives: Miami, Florida; Born: Taiwan; Occupation: Store clerk; Age: Thirty five; Birthday: December 12; Ht: 5’4″; Wt: 99 lbs.; Bras: 34B; Panties: Cotton; Anal: Adore it! BJs: Always drink; Diddle: Not any more.

As a surprise for her partner, Veronica posed for her girlfriend and sent the photos in with out him knowing. Then, for their wedding anniversary–as a particular, intimate treat, this babe is giving her hubby membership to this web site and this babe intends to make sure that the web resource is open and it’s her pics on the screen when this babe unveils the present to him. “He loves looking at porn online and I know he’ll be super-surprised when he sees me all naked for the world to see,” Veronica said.

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Two Cocks For Julia Butt’s Butt!

Two Rods For Julia Butt’s Ass!

Two Ramrods For Julia Butt's Ass!

Julia Booty‘s spouse has made the mistake of leaving his slutty, 60-year-old wife alone with the two boyz he hired to help get the abode in dictate, and Julia has dressed for the occasion in skin-tight jeans, a pink tube top and heels. Asante and Sergio are looking for some fucks so they can finish putting together Julia‘s marital sofa when they discover some wicked pics of Julia, butt-naked.

“Damn, this female-dominator is a naughty nympho,” Sergio says. “I’m plan to take some pictures with my phone.”

But the boys acquire caught red-handed with the pix, and when Julia explains, “I take those photos for my hubby ‘cuz that charmer travels a lot,” Asante is bold sufficient to reply, “We think you’re hawt.”

“Well, this can be our little secret,” Julia says as that babe begins giving a kiss Asante whilst Sergio feels her bra buddies. “Do you want some of my wazoo and my hawt, juicy pussy?”

Now there is an suggest no paramour of hawt, hawt, tight-bodied hotty’s could resist. Previous to long, Julia‘s taking turns sucking their ramrods while having her love tunnel eaten, then that babe is riding meat-thermometer and sucking knob, and finally that babe demands, “I urge you to bonk my ass!”

And that’s when something we have been looking forward to for a lengthy time happens: the boys take turns on Julia‘s Sixty something rectal hole, back and forth, one after another, until they cant hold back any longer and empty their balls all over her face.

That babe sucks ’em clean, certainly. ‘cuz she is Julia Wazoo, and they don’t come any hotter.

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Keeping Up With The Joneses

Keeping Up With The Joneses

Keeping Up With The Joneses

Some marriages are more open than others. Here we’ve Marla Jones, a 52-year-old wife from Southern Maine, who’s sitting in an office with her boyfriend. They’re watching Asante as this chab works, but they aren’t interested in his work habits. Whether this guy is taking likewise many breaks.

“You sure that’s the one you want?” Mr. Jones asks his wife.

“Oh, yeah,” Marla says. “That’s the one. That buck is hawt. I want u to check out me bonk him.
I know how much that turns u on.”

So Asante is called to the front office. This stud thinks he might be in bother, especially when Mr. Jones says, “How long have u been working here?” and “We’ve been watching u.”


But Mr. Jones says, “My wife is rather keen on you, if u know what I mean. How’d you adore to bonk her?”

“Fuck her?” Asante says. “Is this a joke?”

It’s no joke, and later that evening, Asante is at the Jones residence, and this chab is rogering Mrs. Jones truly precious, but if this smooth operator doesn’t deposit a healthy load on her face, his job is in danger.

No worries there.

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“But Mrs. Morgan, I’m Your Son’s Best Friend!”

“But Mrs. Morgan, I’m Your Son’s Almost any fine Friend!”

How naughty is Naughty Alysha? Wicked sufficient to ram her 40-year-old cunt with thick, humongous dildos, as we saw on a recent posting. Naughty enough to sneak downstairs in the centre of the night whilst her partner is sleeping ‘cuz she’s sexually excited for her son’s ultimate ally. His name is Johnny, and he wakes up with Mrs. Morgan’s hand down his panties.

“But Mrs. Morgan, I am your son’s most astonishing ally!” Johnny protests weakly.

“Shhhh,” Alysha says. “Mr. Morgan is sleeping upstairs.”

Resistance is futile. Mrs. Morgan wants Johnny’s rod in her face hole and in her bawdy cleft. Is Johnny aware of Mrs. Morgan’s like for monster dildos? Probably not, but this smooth operator need not worry cuz although Alysha’s bawdy cleft is highly accommodating when it comes to humongous dildos, it snaps back into position for regular dongs, also. So this man doesn’t have to worry about gratifying Mrs. Morgan.

“I’m always contented,” told Alysha, who just might be the nympho we all dream about.

Oh, and did we mention the creampie in this scene? Guess we just did!

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Sara Jay

Sara Jay Sara Jay
Sara Jay @
Sara Jay’s been at odds with her partner and it is reached a boiling point. The constant flirting with other women and his inadequacy in the bedroom is all that babe can take. Sara Jay’s afternoon merely acquires better when one of the college’s students overhears the commotion. Sara, absolutely smitten by Chilly Chill’s smooth ways and skin complexion, invites him over for some marital payback. One time it is been assured that her spouse will not be home for a while, Chilly strips Sara as her enormous marangos plop out of her undergarment. Those massive pantoons receive felt up previous to Sara Jay’s fascination with black ding-dong acquires greatly oral-sex. This cougar lets her lipstick run off on that large, darksome wang as she makes her way down towards that inflated nutsack. That trickling wet cunt tells Sara Jay it’s time to ride that young dark-skinned knob. Sara Jay lowers herself onto that darksome firehouse pole until Chilly’s balls are massaging her clitoris. The slapping sounds coming from her vagina are matched in decibel level by the screams coming from a cougar that hasn’t felt a real chap in a lengthy time. Sara Jay gives a decision to ride that shlong so subrigid that her breasts hit her chin, almost giving Sara Jay black schlong whiplash. As 5’o clock approaches Sara keeps letting that bigger in size than run of the mill, darksome shlong shag her as her hubby is inevitably on his way back home. Sara Jay’s fur pie gapes some other time before Chilly drenches her with his dark gravy. Sara Jay’s hubby calls and pays attention a different tone in her voice. The reason? Sara Jay’s just had the paramount interracial sex of her life and she’s on cloud 9.
Sara Jay Sara Jay
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Kalee The Fuck Star

Kalee The Copulate Star

Kalee The Shag Star

Kalee Hunter is a twentysomething department store clerk from Georgia, and she’s sick of it. Love so many other small city girls, this babe dreams of fame and fortune. But there’s not much she can do. This babe does know how to play the harmonica, but who gives a shit? She displays up to an audition thinking this babe is going to blow the interviewers away. And this babe does blow ’em, but not with her harmonica skills. Although we will say, playing the harmonica acquire to aid her breathing, which results in more valuable blow jobs. Here, Kalee fucks and sucks for the cameras, proving that she’s no average department store clerk. Nope, this babe is a copulate star now.

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A Special Deposit

A Special Deposit

A Peculiar Deposit

This sinless ladies man comes a knocking, wanting to investigate a water-view apartment that he and his girlfriend can turn into their fresh fuck-nest. The landlady is slutty. This fellow just urges to negotiate on the price, and that babe just urges to negotiate his cock into her love tunnel. Love almost all males would, that gent does protest and put up something of a “fight,” but having his hands crammed onto her boobies pretty soon convinces him to go for it. After all, tenants know that u got to keep your landlady cheerful. If u love loud sex with plenty of meat-thermometer noise and moaning, you’ll blow your load over this episode, just as the woman chaser blows his load over Victoria as that babe finishes cumming.

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