Jessie Lets Her Fingers Do The Fucking

Jessie Lets Her Fingers Do The Fucking

Jessie Lets Her Fingers Do The Fucking

Jessie, an 18-year-old store clerk from Coconut Grove, Florida, doesn’t need a toy when she wants to play. “I’ve never even used one,” she said. “I use my fingers to get off. I rub my clit and pull my pussy lips till I’m close to cumming, then I stick my fingers in my hole and fuck it till I cum. If I’m really horny, I do it two or three times.”

In this video, once is enough for Jessie, who does it outdoors by the pool and even gives us jack-off instructions before she gets to work on her pussy. She tells us to “Slowly unbutton your pants, unzip that zipper, pull your drawers down a little bit, now take it off.” Of course, we don’t need to be told how to do it. But with a girl like Jessie, it’s always nice to hear, anyway.

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Cashmere gets dirty while getting wet

Cashmere gets dirty while getting wet

Cashmere gets dirty while getting wet

Here’s a riddle for you: How can a woman get dirty when she’s taking a bath?

Answer: When she’s spreading her legs and fucking herself with a big toy like the horny old GILF that she is.

Today, that horny old GILF is 60-year-old divorcee Cashmere. She not only fucks herself with that big toy. She sucks it, too. By the time she’s done getting dirty, Cashmere is clean inside and out.

“I want people to enjoy what they see, and I hope they enjoy me,” Cashmere said. “There is a little part of me that’s nervous about this being out there for anyone to see, but it’s exciting, too, not knowing who’s going to see me.”

Cashmere came to us through 60Plus MILF Leah L’Amour’s husband.

“He saw my swinging profile online and thought I would be good for this, so I met him for some photographs, and one thing led to another, and here I am! My first thought was, ‘This is fake and I don’t even know you and you’re just trying to get to me.’ But then we started emailing and he said his wife had done this, and he sent a link to look at her videos.

“I’ve always been very sexual. I’ve been that way ever since I can remember. I don’t remember ever not masturbating. Vibrators, toys. It depends on what I’m in the mood for. I like penetration and rubbing my clit. For me, clitoral masturbation is quicker to get to the end result, but sometimes I need both.”

She gives herself both in this scene and you’ll see why Cashmere is one of our most-popular ladies ever.

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The big-titty girl from New York City

The big-titty girl from New York City

The big-titty girl from New York City

“Most of the guys I’m with are boob guys,” 44-year-old New York City gal Janessa Loren said. “They don’t need directions or introductions. I don’t have to tell them to play with my boobs or suck them. They just do it! I have been tit-fucked. Not many times, but guys love to play around with them, and if a guy wants to put his cock between my tits, that’s fine with me. It’s fun! Oh, no, I am definitely not a tit-fuck virgin.”

And if she were, her guy takes care of that here.

Janessa Loren found out about us from a photographer she knows. He looked at Janessa’s rack and knew she was perfect for our big-boob mags and websites, but what he didn’t realize was that she’s perfect for, too.

“The funny thing is, when I was growing up, I never thought about my boobs,” Janessa said. “But as I grew up and saw movies, pictures and whatever else, I realized they were pretty awesome to have. So now I really like my boobs. I love my body now.”

Janessa is a secretary at a medical spa.

“I would say I’m a sexy secretary, but I’m around women all day and I don’t get to dress sexy,” she said. “I’ve always gotten a lot of attention, especially when I go to the beach, but it doesn’t faze me anymore as long as the attention is nice.”

Janessa gets a lot of nice attention in this scene. We’re sure she’ll have you standing at attention, too.

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A new Latina MILF with a very pink pussy

A new Latina MILF with a very pink pussy

A new Latina MILF with a very pink pussy

Juliett Russo, a 54-year-old mother of two and divorcee from Venezuela shows off her very nice tits, spreads her shapely legs wide and deep-fingers her very pink pussy.

We asked Juliett if the people she knows would be surprised to see her here.

“Some people would be, some won’t because most people say I am a sexy woman and also because I was a model and an actress when I was young,” she said. “I am a happy woman. Cheerful, fun, outgoing.”

Juliett now lives in Miami, Florida, but when she was living in Venezuela, she taught school children. She was also an administrative assistant and had her own catering company.

“I enjoy watching tennis, soccer, basketball and baseball,” she said. “I also like cooking, baking, going to the beach, hanging out, working out and spending time with my daughters and my dogs.”

Juliett isn’t a swinger or a nudist. She says she hasn’t been having much sex these days. We did our best to take care of that.

“I usually let a man make the first move. Well, when we don’t know each other well,” she said. “But after a certain time, I will make the first move, too.”

Make your move on Juliett. Her sexy Latina body is all yours.

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Anilos - Cum With Me

AnilosCum With Me

featuring Stefania.

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Nov 25, 2020


Looking fine as fuck, Stefania drops her towel and tries on her brand new lingerie bra. Letting it drop, the busty mama cups those big beauties and then slides her hands between her thighs to show off the cream filled delight of her landing strip fuck hole that is primed and ready to cum.

Can Kim get that big toy into her pussy?

Can Kim get that big toy into her pussy?

Can Kim get that big toy into her pussy?

“I love to dress very sexy and revealing,” 61-year-old hot wife Kim Anh said. “I like to be daring and look for fashion that fits my individual style and taste.”

The short, tight, little dress that Kim is wearing in these photos definitely fits her well. Kim, who’s a tiny woman at five-feet tall, 92 pounds soaking wet, strips out of that dress to show off her beautiful tits and tight little body. Then she fucks herself with a flesh-colored dildo that looks like it might be too big and thick for Kim’s tight little cunt. But her pussy is very wet, and it slides right in.

“I love being watched and I love watching others as I touch myself,” she said. “I hope you’re touching yourself while I’m touching myself.”

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Amber Lace: mom with ass

Amber Lace: mom with ass

Amber Lace: mom with ass

Milan is here to see his buddy Jimmy, but when he sees Jimmy’s mom, Amber Lace, in a bikini, he suddenly has something else on this mind: that ass! Amber is a 48-year-old wife and mom, and although her big tits are certainly one of her attractions, her 42 inches of ass are the main event. Actually, one of the main events, but we’ll get to that in a little while.

Milan moves closer for a better look, and when Amber turns around, she sees Milan standing there.

“You look really nice,” he says. He’s here to see his buddy, Amber’s son, but he’d rather see Amber.

“Do you like my bathing suit?” she says, turning around so he can see it from both sides.

She suggests that they go inside and wait for Jimmy, but they’re not going to just sit around and watch TV. Amber pushes him down on the bed and sucks his cock. Amber has superb blow job skills. She doesn’t just suck cock. She makes love to it, swallowing it all the way down and getting it very wet. A man could easily cum from Amber’s blow jobs alone, but Milan doesn’t want to cum just yet. He wants some of Amber’s ass.

Now, Amber isn’t into anal, but she is into ass play. Milan worships her ass then fucks her from behind, Amber providing plenty of cushion for the push-in, as the old saying goes. He fucks her every which way before cumming in her mouth and on her tits.

Jimmy, by the way, never shows up.

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Homeschooled Hussy

Homeschooled Hussy

Homeschooled Hussy

Age: 20; Born: April 10; Ht: 5’1″; Wt: 108 pounds; Bras: 36D; Panties: Thongs; Anal: Only with my boyfriend; BJs: I adore swallowing jizz; Masturbate: Yes.

“My boyfriend is a little nervous about me shooting porn, but I promised him that I wouldn’t fuck anybody. I’m only posing solo. My dad would kill me if he found out I did this. He’s so old school,” Gabriela told us. “I was a homeschooled kid, so I don’t have a lot of friends to talk about this with.

“I like being dominated by powerful men. There’s something so kinky about losing all control and letting your partner do whatever they want with you. I had to tell my guy to get rougher with me because he wouldn’t choke me or fuck me hard enough to make me cum.”

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Alby Daor’s lingerie and pussy show

Alby Daor’s lingerie and pussy show

Alby Daor's lingerie and pussy show

The last time we saw Alby Daor, she was helping her best friend, Jynn, with her first hardcore scene. By “help,” we mean guiding a stud’s cock into Jynn’s mouth and sucking it herself, guiding the cock into Jynn’s pussy and getting fucked herself and sharing a load of cum.

But this week belongs to Alby. Today, solo photos and video of this super-horny wife and mom looking super-hot in lingerie and fingering herself until she cums. Thursday, sucking and fucking the same hung stud who did her and Jynn last time.

Alby is now 51 years old. She lives in Detroit, Michigan, she has a tight little body with perky tits and always-erect nipples and she barely weighs a hundred pounds.

Alby’s top three sexual encounters:

1. “Riding in the back seat of my SUV with Jynn, the windows rolled down and Jynn using a vibrator on me. Truck drivers were watching as they drove by and honking their horns.”

2. “My man licking my pussy in a hotel lobby late at night because he could not keep his hands off of me.”

3. “My man hiding in our apartment, waiting for me to come home from work, and surprising me by grabbing me as soon as I walked into the bedroom. He then threw me onto the bed and had his way with my body.”

She told us, “Being a porn star makes me feel sexy. I feel sexy knowing people are watching me cum on film.”

By the way, Jynn makes her comeback in a few weeks. Stay tuned.

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Seka exposed

Seka exposed

Seka exposed

What’s 64-year-old wife, mother and granny Seka Black wearing in this scene?

Zilch. Nada. Nothing. She’s 100% naked (not even shoes) from the get-go. Mrs. Black is enjoying a beautiful day by her pool. She plays with her big tits. She lies back and deep-fingers her pussy. Then she turns around to give us a nice view of her broad, fuckable ass.

Seka is special. She’s beautiful. She has a smokin’ bod with big tits and a nice, round, fuckable ass. She’s the epitome of a 60Plus MILF, the kind of woman we’re always looking for.

60Plus MILFs: There was a famous porn star in the ’70s and ’80s named Seka. She was one of the all-time greats.
Seka: Yes, I named myself after her. I had seen her on the porn sites, and my husband pointed her out to me a couple of times and I noticed that we looked very similar, but she had retired, and I started this, and I thought, ‘I love the name and I love the actress,’ so I went with Seka.

60Plus MILFs: So, you used to be a…
Seka: Stripper. I thought it would be a great experience to find out what it would be like to be a stripper, and it was fun.

60Plus MILFs: How old were you when you started stripping and where did you dance?
Seka: I was about 45 years old then, and I danced in Fort Lauderdale at Pure Platinum.

60Plus MILFs: For how long did you dance?
Seka: About a year. I loved it. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I loved being the center of attention. I loved the excitement of teasing and turning on men, especially black men.

60Plus MILFs: Was your clientele similar to the other girls’?
Seka: Similar, but surprisingly, there were a lot of younger guys, too, who wanted to get dances from me. They loved the way I had my own technique of stripping. The other girls didn’t have as much clothing on. I love garter belts and stockings. The other girls weren’t doing that so much, so it was a turn-on for the younger guys to see a woman like me dressed in sexy outfits.

60Plus MILFs: The first time you gave a lapdance to a 21-year-old guy, were you surprised that he wanted you rather than a younger girl?
Seka: No, not at all. Sex is sex. It doesn’t matter what age you are. When I was dancing up there, I could tell that the way I danced was a turn-on for them. I could see it in their eyes and the way they moved closer to the stage when I was up there. There were some women who were there mainly for the money. I was there for fun. And I guess the guys could tell I was there for the fun because they liked me a lot.

60Plus MILFs: What was fun about it for you?
Seka: The exhibitionism and also the hotter play when we were one-on-one. I liked giving lapdances. I liked the contact and the excitement and seeing the look of pleasure in the man’s eyes. It was all a turn-on for me.

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Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford Cindy Crawford
Cindy Crawford @
A bored and angry housewife heads to the park to be away from her husband when she spots a group of black men. Figuring what is better revenge than getting some dicking when you are upset, she goes over to meet the group and quickly gets her wish granted as they scoop her up and run off to her house to lay some serious pipe. This little piglet is not fucking around as she ravenously attacks those cocks like a starving hobo. She has cocks all over her face and is in pure heaven. Soon they are pounding her pussy in a massive train of love. That rectum of hers just needs to be pried open and soon enough one big cock after another assails her hershey highway. When there is this many horny men a double penetration train is the only way to feed the masses and soon she is stuffed air tight with long snake from all points of entry. Worn out and shaky she gets a few loads of cum creampied in her pussy and another five dollops of jizz down her face hole that she consumes greedily.
Cindy Crawford Cindy Crawford
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Anilos - This Feeling

AnilosThis Feeling

featuring Leyla Lynn.

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Nov 22, 2020


If you want a lovely mom with some lush curves and huge titties, look no further than Leyla Lynn. This Russian milf has the whole package, and best of all she can’t wait to show it off. Watch her get undressed and lick her own pussy juices off her fingers as she works herself to a big O.

Alby and the peeper

Alby and the peeper

Alby and the peeper

“If a man wants to meet me, all he has to do is approach me and ask,” said Alby Daor, a 51-year-old wife and mom. “I am very open and enjoy good conversation and learning about other people’s lives.”

Here, Alby has been sunbathing in a little bikini, rubbing lotion onto her chest, and some guy has been watching her from behind palm fronds. She notices him and has him come closer. Her nipples are rock-hard. Before long, she’s sucking his cock P.O.V.-style then taking him inside her house so she can get fucked every which way.

“Filming has enhanced my sexuality,” Alby said. “I get excited knowing that people have seen me having sex on film. I love to tell everyone I have done porn. This experience has also made me take better care of myself physically so I look my best.”

Alby, who is from Detroit, Michigan, always looks great. She’s a tiny little fuck toy–barely 100 pounds soaking wet–with a tight body, perky tits and pierced nipples. Nice little ass, too.

Alby’s fantasies: “a gang bang, licking my husband’s cum out of another woman’s pussy and having a domme.”

“I like to go to the movies, dinner or hiking in short skirts with no panties,” she said. “I went to the movies with a big sweater on and a short skirt. Under the sweater my wrists were cuffed. The sweater was a turtleneck pulled up over my mouth, and I wore a hidden ball gag. I loved that the people around us were clueless.”

Alby has a very open marriage. She and her hubby have watched the scenes she shot for and

“I loved them,” she said. “My man loves my porn. Nothing feels better than my man using my porn to get off.”

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