She Likes Bros

She Likes Bros

She Likes Bros

“I was very naughty. I fucked my boyfriend’s little brother,” Avery told us, sharing her deepest, darkest secret. We decided to recreate her naughty fling for you guys. “He was lifting weights, and it turns me on so much to see a guy working out. He looks like my boyfriend too, so I was curious to see if his cock looked the same. It did, but bigger! He liked his dick sucked the same way as his brother, too. His cock felt so good sliding in and out of my pussy. I could feel my pussy throbbing and squeezing his shaft when I came.”

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This time, Maddie wants it in her ass!

This time, Maddie wants it in her ass!

This time, Maddie wants it in her ass!

You might recall that this past summer, Maddie did a scene in which a friend of the family came over to help her do some yard work. Maddie was wearing a tiny bikini that showed off her voluptuous body, and before she knew it, she was helping herself to the dude’s cock.

This scene is the sequel to that one, but you didn’t think Maddie was going to do the same-old same-old, did you? Of course not!

“Hey, Maddie. You need me to work on your pool again?” he says.

“That’s not what I had in mind for you,” says Maddie, who looks better than ever in her bikini. “I was looking for another excuse to get you here today. I think we need to have more of that fun today.”

“How can I say no?” he says. Well, he can’t and he doesn’t want to.

“I actually had something extra in mind,” Maddie says. “I think I want you to fuck me in the ass today.”

Of course, he eats her snatch and fucks her mouth and pussy first. And he plays with her big tits, which are even bigger than last time. And he does it outside, poolside, where the neighbors could see them. But then she takes the action inside, where she gives up her ass. It’s an ass that’s made for fucking.

There is no moral to this story, unless that moral is, “If your hot friend of the family wants you to come over and fuck her ass, do it!”

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Casca and her step-son

Casca and her step-son

Casca and her step-son

The setting: a backyard pool on a sunny day in Miami, Florida.

The principals: 40-year-old Casca Akashova and her 20-year-old step-son, Berry.

Casca, who’s hot as blazes, is wearing a little bikini that shows off her big tits, sweet ass and smokin’ body.

Berry is in the pool. Casca asks him to get out and help her.

“Can you help oil me up?” she says.

“Right here, right now?” he says. “I’d kinda rather not right now.”

“What are you doing?” she asks. “You’re just chillin’ in the pool.”

He refuses. Outright refuses.

“It’s just not a good time right now,” he insists.


“Berry,” she demands, “if you don’t come out of this pool right now, I’m gonna call your father.’

So he gets out of the pool and…scwhing! The dude’s got a freakin’ hard-on! His cock is sticking straight out! You could hang the laundry on that thing.

“Is this why you didn’t want to come out of the pool?” she asks, amused and intrigued at the same time.

Yeah, Casca. You caused that. And now she’s going to do something about it.

She’s going to suck off her step-son.

He’s going to fuck his step-mother.

And that’s what happens on this sunny day in Miami, F-L-A.

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Alina Ali

Alina Ali Alina Ali
Alina Ali @
Alina and Jay always believed they were brother and sister. After all they were adopted from the orphanage at the same time. Who picks up two random babies at once. Sure Alina thought it was odd she was black and Jay was white but as Michael Jackson once said "people change" maybe they did too. But today her world gets turned upside down when she finds paperwork showing they are not actual brother and sister. Jay is devastated to hear the news until Alina alerts him to the fact they can start fucking now. They are just step brother and sister. It’s time he started tapping that black pussy. Faster than a hobo to a hot plate Alina is gulping down his cock and he is soon ramrodding that sweet poontang. Wow is that orphan pussy nice. Why hadn’t their adopted parents told them this. He would have been banging Alina a long time ago.
Alina Ali Alina Ali
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Anilos - Remember Me

AnilosRemember Me

featuring Payton Hall.

Added On:

Oct 15, 2021


Remember Payton Hall, our horny milf? This tanned mama is BACK! She can’t wait to show off her big knockers and make those nipples nice and hard. Her pussy is dripping with juices as she spreads her thighs and lets her fingers enjoy a horny slip and slide that makes her moan!

What do you see when you look at Casca?

What do you see when you look at Casca?

What do you see when you look at Casca?

“What do you see when you look at me?” 40-year-old Casca Akashova asks.

Well, we see a beautiful, blonde MILF with big tits. Is that okay?

“Are you desiring me right now?” she asks. “What is it that makes you desire me?”

Hmmm…kinda thought we already answered that question.

Before long, Casca’s tits come out and then her pussy, which we also desire, comes out, too, and Casca’s fingers go deep inside. Casca is obviously desiring something, too, because she cums hard and loud.

40Something: What do you do for a guy to make him feel special?

Casca: I have learned that the same thing doesn’t work for everyone. You have to get to know the person and work out what they like or dislike. Listen to them and care. Doing things like that makes someone feel special in or out of bed. The same goes for me. Communication is key. No one comes with a big sign that says, “Do this for me.” That’s the beauty of it, connecting with that person.

40Something: How should a man approach you?

Casca: Be straightforward and confident. Never cocky and rude. Eye contact, respect and smiling are very important. A guy should always be genuine in his compliments.

40Something: What satisfies you sexually?

Casca: What satisfies me is someone who listens to me and my body. Someone who pays attention.

40Something: Do you dress to show off your body?

Casca: Sometimes I dress to emphasize my breasts and other times I don’t. It depends on where I am and if I’m with someone. Sometimes I’m aware of someone paying attention to my breasts, but whether or not I am, I just carry on normally.

Yeah. Meanwhile, the rest of us are walking into poles and crashing our cars.

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Maddie Cross, naked housewife

Maddie Cross, naked housewife

Maddie Cross, naked housewife

When a woman like Maddie Cross is doing housework, she’s putting on a show even if she doesn’t realize she’s putting on a show. Today, this 56-year-old divorcee and mom is wearing a little top and a very short skirt. It’s usually boring to watch a woman sweep and dust, but Maddie is not the average woman. She’s a super-MILF, so we get to see her big tits hanging out and her ass cheeks sticking out. It’s quite a view! Yep, watching Maddie clean is a lot of fun.

But then she catches us. Uh-oh! We’re in trouble, right? Well, only if watching Maddie stripping out of her around-the-house clothes, shoving her tits in your face, taking off her panties, spreading her legs and fingering her pussy while she tweaks her nips is your idea of trouble. It’s our idea of a good time.

40Something: What’s a typical day in your life?

Maddie: Well, in the spring, a typical day for me is quite nice, actually. I get up between four and five in the morning and pack my husband’s lunch. Get him off to work. And then I go down to the barn and I take care of the horses and then I’ll exercise our yearling. Then I’ll clean any stalls that need to be cleaned. Yes, I do muck stalls. [Laughs] I drive a Bobcat. I can do anything that needs to be done. I even know how to fix a fence.

40Something: I bet you’re not wearing what you’re wearing in this scene, are you?

Maddie. No. I look like your typical barn worker. I’ll be in a pair of jeans or shorts and my work boots. Hair up in a ponytail. Usually a little, strappy shirt so I’m nice and cool. The people around the barn have never seen me in something like this.

Or maybe they have and she just didn’t know it.

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April Olsen & Blake Blossom

April Olsen & Blake Blossom April Olsen & Blake Blossom
April Olsen & Blake Blossom @
Blake and April immediately come to the rescue when their best friend alerts them she has MTV (medically tight Vagina). Her new boyfriend Jovan happens to pack a massive black dong and has sent her to the hospital. She knows if she can’t keep him satisfied he will leave her. She loves Jovan. He’s so fun and hell of a conversationalist. Knowing he could stray while her pussy is being surgically opened she asks her best friends and size queens Blake and April if they would go service her boyfriend. Having the opportunity to jump on a black cock has been all either of these two fuck holes have ever wanted in life. They rush over to Jovan’s house before he can seek a new white pussy to stray to and after listening to him sob a little they get him to show the meat. Oh my, sweet heaven’s gate is that thing thick, black and big. Yum yum. Both girls saliva glands are in overdrive as they try to gobble it down like tourists from Idaho at a Vegas Buffet. This cock is so thick it barely fits in their mouths but they make it. Next it’s into their sweet dripping cunt holes for some serious fucking. Like meat puppets the girls take Jovan balls deep in a myriad of sexual positions getting their sugar walls banged out and cervix’s rung. Over and over and deeper and deeper he probes these two willing strumpets as their pussies meet his cock in a mangle of pussy juice and fury. It’s heaven on earth for these girls as they cum over and over again and soon reap the rewards of their kindly deed with their kissers covered in a bucket of Jovan juice. Now these are true friends.
April Olsen & Blake Blossom April Olsen & Blake Blossom
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Tiffany’s Terrific Titties

Tiffany’s Terrific Titties

Tiffany's Terrific Titties

We were having a debate in the office over what part of Tiffany Tailor‘s body we’d prefer to nut on. We were evenly split, not surprisingly, into two camps–the ass men were on one side and the titty guys on the other.

Her nipples stay hard throughout the entirety of this video, even when she’s not tweaking and pulling and rubbing them. They jiggle enough to show you that they’re real and perfectly perky, but they look soft enough to slide your cock between. Plus, our milky white jizz would pop if it landed next to her beautiful, chocolate-kisses nipples.

Then again, when she turns around and pops that butt, letting it jiggle and shake like an earthquake, our pants get tight. She tells us that doggie-style is her favorite position. It might be ours now, too. We can only imagine how sweet it must be to fill her pussy or ass with cock while smacking her buttcheeks before dropping a fat load on her rump.

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Anilos - I Like Girls

AnilosI Like Girls

featuring Jamie Foster and Payton Hall.

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Oct 13, 2021


Payton Hall is back for more hardcore fun with her girlfriend, who is ready to rock Payton’s world! There’s plenty of pussy eating to go around as these two horny ladies go to town with their magic fingers, hot tongues, and of course, a toy that leaves them both twitching.

A new MILF with a hairy pussy

A new MILF with a hairy pussy

A new MILF with a hairy pussy

Meet Kimi Moon, a twice-divorced, 48-year-old mom from Ukraine. She now lives in Prague, Czech Republic, where associating on a daily basis with horny women who love to show off their bodies for all the world to see has obviously rubbed off on her. In her introductory scene at, Kimi rubs her big tits and hairy pussy and fucks herself with a toy. Later this week, she’ll suck and fuck for all the world to see.

By the way, Ms. Moon used to be a kindergarten teacher. No wonder, then, that she says the people who know her would be very surprised to see her here.

40Something: Hi, Kimi. What are your hobbies?

Kimi: I like to sew clothes.

40Something: What kinds of dates do you like to do go on?

Kimi: I enjoy going to a disco and dancing. I like going sailing. I just like having fun.

40Something: Are you a swinger?

Kimi: Yes. I started swinging last year and I really enjoy it.

40Something: Do you masturbate?

Kimi: Yes, every day if I have time.

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Elara gets wet for you

Elara gets wet for you

Elara gets wet for you

It’s shower time with Elara Elis, an ultra-horny divorcee and mom from Florida. She’s 58 years old, and she wants you to take a shower with her. The best part is that you don’t have to get wet (but Elara does).

“I’m an exhibitionist,” Elara told us. “I love being naked.”

What sexually satisfies her best: “Pleasing a man. Sucking cock and having my pussy eaten.”

She also said, “When I’m having sex, I fantasize about being watched by people.”

And that includes you, members!

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Anilos - No Time To Wait

AnilosNo Time To Wait

featuring Olga Leona.

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Oct 12, 2021


Russian mommy Olga Leona is always DTF and if she can’t find a partner, she’ll peel off her tight dress and masturbate. Her tall figure is soft and inviting as her hands caress herself everywhere and squeeze her all natural tits. Watch how her fingers explore her bald slit as she throws her head back and moans.