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Natalie Star – Picass-ho



When u rent an apartment to a struggling artist cuz this babe is a cute sweetheart, you kind of receive what you merit. U don’t acquire the rent. You do acquire the fun of having a cute pleasing heart around all the time. That’s the problem the petticoat chaser in this movie scene is facing. He rented an apartment to Natalie. That babe is a cute honey. She’s hot. She too makes specie by selling her artwork, and those days, it just isn’t selling. Now, in our opinion, this charmer has no right to complain. He knew what this chab was doing when that fellow rented the apartment to her. Now he has to deal with her, and that babe has to deal with him. No, that babe doesn’t try to give him her paintings instead of rent. That babe gives him her warm, succulent muff and ready face to take his king-size load. Now that’s a hell of a deal!

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