Meet Veronika Vixon

Meet Veronika Vixon

Meet Veronika Vixon

“There are so many people that know less than 20% of my personality,” said Veronika Vixon, a 55-year-old first-timer who lives in Utah. “There is no one person on the planet that actually knows me. Prior to moving to Belgium in 2004, I was very social and had also many social engagements. I have always wanted quality of friends versus quantity. Even today, my neighbors express concern as to my whereabouts. I usually stick to the same story that I work for the KGB and am a Russian spy working on the secret space program in the star system Zeta Reticuli, working on behalf of the Ebens to save the planet Earth.”

None of those things are true, of course. The reality is that Veronika is sexy and hot and is here to save us from blue balls. At least for several days. Or a week ‘cuz this week at belongs to Veronika: solo pix this day, solo episode Tuesday, bonk pix on Wednesday, screw movie on Thursday. By the time the week is over, you’ll know her very well.

Veronika is a very outgoing mistress. This babe isn’t demure about revealing herself, physically or mentally. We asked her how she usually dresses, and here’s what that babe said:

“Let me be perfectly honest with you: If u are in Utah, you get to dress adore a rock. If u are in Las Vegas, u must dress adore a rock star! If u are in Newport Beach, California, u need to dress adore a adult star. If you are in Brussels, Belgium, you dress adore u are in the legal field. If you’re in my home country of Hungary, you best costume like u are a fascinating, virginal, little Hungarian cutie with a lace flowered suit ready to make some pastry.

“It all kind of goes along the same lines as when in Rome, do as the Romans do. If I am attending the opera, I costume accordingly in a excellent ballroom gown. If I’m lap dancing the tango, I wear my tango dress. If I am working on a home construction project, I suit adore I’m going hiking. I am closer to Fifty Shades of Grey…I assimilate well.”

Here, Veronica is clothed like a sex star. Hey, when in Rome….

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All Work And No Play

All Work And No Play

All Work And No Play

“I adore living on Miami Beach and I like working on South Beach, but I am still not totally used to working all night and sleeping during the day,” told Gia. “As much as anything else, it’s actually banged up my social life, to say nothing of my sex life. I mean, how can a cutie receive laid when all the eligible dudes are hard at work? And when they come out looking for sexy chicks love me, I can’t do everything about it ’cause I am working. I flirt a bit at work, but I’ll not at all encourage a woman chaser who hits on me.

“I’m not looking to steady-date right now, I just urge a playful lad who’ll treat me right when we go out, and in the bedroom, likewise,” told Gia. “I haven’t been into sex all that long, and I wish more! I urge experience and variety. I need to work out how to work the horniness in with my job.”

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Mi Ha Doan

Mi Ha Doan Mi Ha Doan
Mi Ha Doan @
Mi Ha Doan owns a successful graphic design firm, and that babe employs a lot of people. Her beloved employee? A fellah named Jax. Mi has been "crushing" on Jax for months. Mi can’t live out of the fact he’s so tall and has bigger in size than typical muscles. That babe often catches herself thinking about his love muscle, too! Today, Mi is going to make her move. This babe is kept Jax after work, so they could "make a deadline"…but the only deadline Mi is thinking about is her self-imposed deadline to ride his bigger than typical dick. This babe begins their encounter with presentation; however, Mi forgot she had some porn on her PC! Jax doesn’t know what to think when, instead of a graphic on the television there was porn! That’s when Mi makes her move. Soon they’re engulfing and screwing right in the office! Mi doesn’t desire ball cream all over her work fetching raiment, so this babe drank Jax’s big load! Time to receive back to work!!
Mi Ha Doan Mi Ha Doan
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Tsunami has a surprise for you

Tsunami has a surprise for u

Tsunami has a surprise for you

When this scene spreads, 40-year-old Tsunami Foxxx is sitting on a couch.

“I have a little surprise. Do you urge to see it?” this babe asks.

A surprise? Sure!

Tsunami’s surprise isn’t her worthwhile bouncy bosoms. We already knew about those. It is not that this babe is obviously excited. We knew about that, likewise. Nor is it her bald, very pink love tunnel.

The surprise is tucked away in Tsunami’s ass: a butt-plug that is priming her for the action to come.

Tsunami plays with her cunt for a while and works the gazoo plug in and out of her arse, getting hotter and hornier by the second.

“I desire to acquire rogered in the booty so unyielding,” that babe tells us.

This babe removes the ass-plug and fingers her asshole. And then her lad displays up with his weenie, and Tsunami knows exactly where to identify it. Pronto, that babe is got his cock in her face hole and making it rock-hard. Because that’s what this babe needs: a rock-hard dick in her love tunnel and a-hole. And when the dude can not hold back any longer, his cum squirts in her chocolate hole.

Very worthwhile.

Tsunami is a married Mom of four from Phoenix, Arizona. That babe enjoys hiking, swimming, surfing and swinging, not necessarily in that dictate. She loves hotty’s. That babe can’t live with out anal. This babe likes being here and doing what that babe is doing for all the world to see. This Tsunami is causing a deep rumble in our trousers.

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Veronika Vixon’s first fuck film

Veronika Vixon’s first screw film

Veronika Vixon's first copulate film

And now, the moment we’ve been expecting for. After spending this week getting to know her, we now get to see 55-year-old Veronika Vixon‘s first screw movie. This mammoth boobed cougar is dressed for the occasion in a very hot suit that unveils off plenty of front and side cleavage. Valuable.

Veronika widens the video by talking to us. She tells us she’s looking forward to being with a young stud toy (turns out the boy is easily young sufficient to be her son).

“I hear this chab has the biggest, hardest shlong,” she says, “and I can’t await to acquire it in my mouth.”

Then the boy unveils up. Veronika can’t live with out what this babe sees.

“Oh my goodness, my nipples are getting unyielding. My snatch is getting succulent just imagining what that lady-killer has in store for mommy.”

We know what this guy has in store for her, and so does she: his big ramrod.

“I’m going to love it, in a short time as I can poke it down my mouth,” that babe says. “Put it inside my wet, tight vagina.”

1st, that petticoat chaser sucks her meatballs, feasting on her hard nipples. Then this babe sucks his dick and balls, and we gotta tell ya, Veronika is an able. That’s no surprise cuz that babe used to work at a legal bag shanty in Nevada, but this babe doesn’t solely engulf the dick and balls. This babe makes love to ’em, making sure this babe receives her face hole and tongue over every inch.

This is an excellent first-time scene that ends with the charmer rogering Veronika’s funbags and cumming in her wide-open throat. Bears a resemblance to Veronika got what this babe came for.

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Not So Innocent

Not So Blameless

Not So Innocent

Occupation: Student; Age: 20; Born: January 8; Ht: 5’5″; Wt: 100 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Cotton panties; Anal: I like it; BJs: Drink; Masturbate: Of course.

Kyler says that this babe is virginal, but we can tell by the mischievous gleam in her eyes that she is full of it. “I swear,” she continued. “I was a total teacher’s pet in school. All the other kids thought I was stuck up. I merely dated boys from other schools, so all the boys in my classes thought I was a prude who didn’t date. I was having a ton of sex, but I kept that a secret.

“Nothing satisfies me as well as a hard jock in my cookie. Sure, I adore getting my twat licked, but I solely crave that for a minute or 2. It is foreplay, not the big reveal. Let’s engulf and take up with the tongue each other and then get on to the worthy ram!

“I’m still living at home, so it is impossible to have dudes over. My parents aren’t strict or anything, but nobody desires their parents to hear ’em bonk. Basically, that’s supposed to mean I need to receive creative when I am craving cock. I have a lot of car sex and park sex. The frantic place I have ever screwed a lad was in a church. It was avid!”

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Veronika’s first on-camera fuck

Veronika’s first on-camera shag

Veronika's first on-camera fuck

Having worked herself up with her fingers, 55-year-old first-timer Veronika Vixon is ready for the real thing: her first on-camera fuck, and it’s with a gent who’s easily juvenile enough to be her son.

Bambino, the chap, is very barmy. He can’t live out of her big breasts, and this babe obviously loves mouthing his testicles and greater than typical cock. Then this lady-killer slides his penis deep inside her snatch, and Veronika loves every thrust. Seriously, we do not know how these dudes hold back so long. We’d be emptying our sacs withing minutes, seconds. But when this chab cant hold back any longer, this chab blasts his load all over Veronika’s mangos.

Veronika was born in Santa Monica, California and now lives in Utah. Appears to be like it should be the contrary considering Utah’s conservative reputation, but that’s how things go sometimes.

We asked Veronika how a guy can attract her attention, and this babe told, “Well the easiest way to attract my attention would be to engage me in conversation. I am super-easy and joy and will speak with just about anyone unless they’re smoking a cigarette. I won’t flirt unless I know you’ve an interest. I love cuties coz they will not hold back and you’ll be making out in just a not many minutes. If a stud is interested, ask me to dance and u have my attention.”

Here, Veronika dances on Bambino’s dong. Does that count?

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Anal Tsunami

Anal Tsunami

Anal Tsunami

“I have many, many dreams. I have solely started on my list. Coming to your studio was a greater than typical one!” told Tsunami Foxxx, a 40-year-old wife, Mom and swinger from Phoenix, Arizona.

This day, in her second scene for us, sexy Tsunami is intend to take a porn stud’s big meat-thermometer up her taut ass. To receive ready for the dude’s greater than typical tool, this babe inserted a ass-ramming up her darksome hole and kept it there for a worthwhile lengthy time. That’s the surprise Donnie gets when this smooth operator lifts her skirt.

“I like anal, maybe even more than the Lothario loves it,” that babe said. But that’s solely ‘coz she hadn’t met our fellows when that babe told it. Donnie was very cheerful to shag her butt and blow his semen all over her anus. Identify out the pictures; this lad did not dribble his knob juice on her rectal hole. This chab emptied his testicles all over her.

“My favourite thing is a stiff knob,” Tsunami told. “I love eating cum, sexual sex and rock hard sport banging. I likewise like being spit-roasted and being made to squirt.”

By the way, whilst this scene was being photographed, Tsunami’s husband was watching from just several feet away. Now that’s what we call spousal support!

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Play time with Veronika Vixon

Play time with Veronika Vixon

Play time with Veronika Vixon

Talk indecent to us, Veronika. Talk obscene to us whilst you unveil off your large milk cans and frig your pink bawdy cleft and receive off during the time that we get off, likewise. Tell us how u urge us to touch you and screw you and make you feel valuable. We’re here for you.

This is the episode debut for Veronika, a 55-year-old first-timer who lives in Utah and somehow found her way to just the right place: one of our satellite studios in Miami, Florida. Veronika is 5’4″ with DDD-cup bra buddies (depending on what kind of undergarment she is wearing), and in this scene, she’s looking very hot in a corset and fishnet nylons. The video is a very nice warmup for the action that’s to come over the next diminutive in number days, when Veronika bonks on-camera for the first time.

Veronika says the most-fun job she’s ever had was working at a legal bag shanty in Nevada. That babe liked the other cuties. She liked the customers. We know they liked her.

She is a woman of many interests.

“My mini-hobbies that I would love to do in my spare time would include water sports, cycling, swimming and ballroom dancing,” she told. “My lifelong hobbies have been collecting and polishing valuable gemstones, garments design and custom home design. But quite honestly, I have not had any spare time in seven years as I was building a home and spa. In the final five years, I have been inundated with many children at my home, which has not allowed me to have any spare time.”

We’re glad she found the time to do this.

“Today’s your lucky day,” this babe says to u via the digital camera. “I’m here to give you a little tanalize. Do u adore my outfit? I picked it out just for u.”

Veronika is pleasure and full of energy. It’s also true that this babe has a very wet wet crack. Click the play button and you’ll see. Or hear. Whatsoever. Just do it. Veronika is waiting for u.

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Foxy Bush Baby

Foxy Bush Baby

Foxy Bush Baby

Occupation: Certified Public Accountant; Lives: Bismarck, North Dakota; Age: 43; Born: February 6; Ht: 5’5″; Wt: 113 pounds; Bras: 34A; Panties: Knickers; Anal: On particular occasions; BJs: Drink; Masturbate: Frequently.

Foxy is a career lady, a divorcee, a Mama of 2 and this month’s Bush Baby. She’s also a randy minx whose clients would be surprised to watch her here. “I’m very straitlaced and accustomed in my office. Anything has to be organized and strict in command to make it work. Out side of the office, well, all bets are off. I am a woman in the streets and a freak in the sheets.”

“My ex-spouse hated pubes, so I waxed for him. After our divorce, I began growing out my bush. I had forgotten how much more erotic I feel with hair. The wet, hawt, fragrance of hairy sex can not be beaten. My paramours don’t complain!”

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Tiffany and Lake

Tiffany and Lake

Tiffany and Lake

One of our photographers was on-location when this amorous foursome discharged their scene for the sizzlin’ MILF Bait DVD. Although this chab actually was not scheduled to, our woman chaser discharged those fotos which are too fuckin’ hot not to share with u. Tiffany, 19, and Lake, Fourty three, got down to business right away, eagerly engulfing rods, engaging in a bit of lezzie-love-play and then rogering both men and cumming in advance of receiving the guys’ hawt and sticky payloads of stud juice.

Imagine you’re one of the dudes. (Yes, we know, that is each male NN reader’s dream.) U must fuck a teenager and an expert 40something-year-old hottie in the same session. One minute young Tiffany has your 10-Pounder balls-deep in her juvenile mouth and that babe is sucking it love there is no tomorrow, then a minute later your schlong is balls-deep in Lake’s pulsating cum-hole as that babe meets every one of your thrusts. A not many minutes of doing Lake and then you are screwing Tiffany’s tender snatch. How lengthy do you think you would last?

You can see what’s going on, so we will not a predicament telling u. There is something mesmerizing about a tight fur pie crammed with weenie, so a double dose of that makes any reading a waste of time. This was like a banging battle of the ages where everybody was a winner.

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Anal in the morning with Lucky Starr

Anal in the morning with Favourable Starr

Anal in the morning with Lucky Starr

When Lucky Starr, 46, gets without her car, we see that babe is wearing fuck-me pumps and a short, constricted skirt that hugs her body. Very worthwhile. But, at least for now, this babe is not here to screw. This babe and her ally, Kate, have planned a spa day.

But when Favourable knocks on the door, nobody answers. That babe knocks anew. No answer, so this babe calls Kate on her cell phone. Kate says that babe will not be home for an 60 minutes and tells Fortunate to let herself in through Connor’s room. Connor is Kate’s son.

So Fortunate walks around back and quietly lets herself in. Connor is lying on his back, sleeping, shirtless, and Fortunate is intrigued. She walks over to his sofa and lightly touches his body. This babe pulls down the sheets then pulls down his shorts. No surprise: Connor has morning wood. Surprise: Favourable starts to stroke it, at which point Connor wakes up.

“Don’t be alarmed,” Fortunate says.

“What are you doing?” this chab asks.

Stroking his jock, obviously.

“Your Mother and I were supposed to have a spa day, but she’s gonna be a little late, so I hope you do not mind,” she tells him. “I’m sorry, but I just cant pass this up. I will not tell if you will not tell.”

“Okay,” he stammers.

Resembles Favourable is plan to kill almost all of the next sixty minutes by engulfing her foremost friend’s son’s pecker. They likewise 69.

“Don’t tell your Mamma,” this babe tells him.

Exactly. “Don’t tell your Mama that u ate my slit. Don’t tell your Mother that you screwed my slit. And definitely don’t tell your Mom that you rogered my taut, aged a-hole and came all over my face.”

Some people kill time. Favourable makes the majority of every minute.

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Cashmere, the 60something squirter

Cashmere, the 60 something squirter

Cashmere, the 60 something squirter

When Cashmere did her first-ever bonk scenes for about a year and a half ago, she told, “It was suggested to me by a friend, and after some research and soul-searching, I decided to go for it and open myself up to a recent experience.”

Cashmere, who’s now 60, truly opened herself up, especially to the pool lad, who fucked her mature gazoo. Now this hawt divorcee and Mamma is back, and she’s had a very good Eighteen months.

“I’m more likely to tell certain people about it, and they’re sexually excited about it, which makes me lewd about it, and when I watch the films, it’s a turn-on,” told Cashmere, who’s a swinger. This babe watched one of her scenes with a man and told, “It was highly sexual for one as well as the other of us.” They banged afterward, of course.

This babe likewise said us, “More dudes have opened up to me about prostate rubdown, and I have become wonderful at it. I just know if I can click this link there with some lube and find the ideal spot…it’s almost adore a G-spot for a fellow, and chaps actually like that. I love to bring pleasure. And I’m definitely into boyz who can identify my G-spot, and squirting has become habitual.”

How habitual? Inspect when u view this scene.

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